David Evennett, London Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury, said “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

CCTV Standards and CCTV Accreditation

CCTV Standards for International Accreditation

CCTV Standards and International Accreditation

British CCTV Standards Certify International CCTV Accreditation

To consistently deliver success throughout your entire security enterprise, your CCTV cameras and software systems must be the highest quality, perform to the highest CCTV Standards and hold the most reputable CCTV Accreditation.

High-End CCTV Security

For any type of threat or disaster, video footage of before, during and after an incident is critical for the fastest and most appropriate security response. Enough high-quality video for live surveillance, and to investigate and convict is also essential. During these occasions each and every pixel of video information is priceless and the value of your security infrastructure is openly seen. Together with Viseum’s unparalleled value as a deterrent, this is one of the technology strengths that only Viseum delivers as the world’s highest CCTV Standard.

Video Analytics Software – CCTV Standards and Accreditation (i-LIDS)

Olympics CCTV Deployment - British CCTV Standards

The UK Government’s CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, was HOSDB) created i-LIDS the Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems to support CCTV British Standards. This organisation was formed in 2004 to regulate the use of fit-for-purpose automated surveillance software. Viseum was the first company to apply for i-LIDS approval. As Viseum technology automatically detects scenarios using analytics of wide contextual view cameras, but then also automatically controls a moving PTZ Camera to further analyse the detection, and confirm the incident, the Viseum Brand is known to be further advanced than i-LIDS.


The i-LIDS certification programme is now being updated to a more unified approach to security and surveillance. This is now being developed to regulate such critical equipment and technologies, and Viseum’s largest PhD Video Analytics Software development network is helping this transition. This includes expertise in specialized processing hardware and software, which is known to be another one of Viseum’s main strengths.


i-LIDS had only standardised some basic detection scenarios, including intruder, parked vehicle, doorway and left baggage. Viseum engineers have achieved accreditations for these scenarios, and have also written many white papers to develop Viseum Certified Algorithms for advanced scenarios, such as Learning Algorithms and Scenario-Based Algorithms, including multiple concurrent i-LIDS basic detection scenarios.


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Cameras and Equipment – CCTV Standards and Accreditation (British CCTV)

police - CCTV British Standards

British CCTV Accreditation and CCTV British Standards are the most reputable and the most rigorous standards to have for major security projects. Viseum Certification sets British Standards for CCTV higher. All hardware suppliers of Viseum Certified Product Solutions already conform to British CCTV Standards. In addition to this, during project delivery processes, all relevant local certification, approvals, and CCTV Accreditations are obtained for all Viseum Product Solutions being delivered to each country. Once all CCTV British Standards and regional standards have been accredited, each Viseum Product Solution undergoes further Viseum Certified Testing. The high computer processing load for Viseum’s advanced video surveillance automation, and its 24/7/365 intelligent operation reliability, makes this computing device testing the most rigorous for automated video surveillance operations.


Old CCTV Standards Video Management System Architecture

The modern security professional recognises that Viseum Accreditation is the very best CCTV Standard for security, surveillance and video analytics capability.  With much already invested in old sub-optimal CCTV systems, customers will fear that there is no realistic prospect of a complete refit and upgrade to an all-Viseum intelligent camera and video management system. However, Viseum software is hardware independent. Viseum iVOS and CiVMS Software Technology Services and Viseum cameras are designed to be retro-compatible with a customer’s old systems and any other camera. Once Viseum software is commissioned, security professionals can be assured that their old camera installations are also future-proofed with our intelligent analytics, their video wall will spring to life for the very first time, and every sensor and alarm system will be optimized.

Video Management System Performance – Optimised 24/7/365 Resilienc

Another Accredited CCTV Standard is the reliability and operational performance of Viseum Software Systems. This comes from our expertise in optimising high processing analytics, for many routine and emergency processes to operate automatically as one harmonised intelligent video surveillance and security system. If required the Viseum CiVMS will deliver 24/7/365 operational optimisation of the security architecture without any human input until the first responders are required. Viseum Accredited CCTV designs and CCTV standards include:

  • Automatic saving of all settings including user interface settings, screen sizes, screen location across multiple monitors.
  • Automatic full system restores after unexpected events such as power loss.
  • Diagnostics parameters display.
  • Flexible distributed architecture with no single point of failure.
  • Automated server resource optimisation and prioritisation.
  • One-click import and export of all settings for backing up or for replicating the same configuration on another computer.
  • Failover management server.
  • Redundant recording server.
  • Watchdog to monitor application system health.

Published Standards – Security Risk

Published security standards are studied by criminals with intent to penetrate security systems.  EXAMPLE – Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) – This standard endorses software vendors who allow the use of edited images of faces (photoshopped) to enrol people onto security systems. This is a serious security breach by allowing person “A” to penetrate a security system as person “B”.  One of Viseum’s initial digital imaging checks will reject any edited images if being used to for security clearance.


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