The sales director for one of Viseum's PSIM software competitors also said, "We do not have anything like Viseum but if we did it will help us win every project."

Enterprise Security

Track and Trace

“The best enterprise security”

Viseum® Enterprise Security


The only enterprise surveillance camera system to automatically follow people and remember, think and react.


Automated surveillance of people, faces, vehicles and number plates can be correlated together with many other smart security devices, for almost unlimited corporate enterprise security applications. Countless scenarios where using the right video information automatically proves invaluable:

Viseum Corporate Enterprise Security Brochure

Viseum® Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security – Threats to your enterprise can be automatically dealt with. Video information can be automatically presented for decision support.

Health and Safety – Any accident in the workplace can be automatically examined. The exact cause of, and responsibility for, any injury can be identified.

Work staff efficiency – Illegal workers can be identified immediately and their actions can be monitored to follow their movements.

Remote site status – Remote sites can be checked to ensure they are being built on schedule. Also that the correct people are working at the places at the right times.

Enterprise Security – video surveillance information

Situational awareness of all people and vehicles in the vicinity of your enterprise:

  • When and where they entered?
  • When and where they left?
  • Where else have they been and where are they located now?
  • Have they been in the vicinity before and do they keep returning?
  • What exactly have they been doing and what exactly are they doing now?

Having this extra video information now delivered as standard. Complete situational awareness can be given of any scenario. Information of where every person, vehicle and asset is in your enterprise. Some more examples of automated alarms if unrecognized people and vehicles are present:

  • Do certain people constantly hide their faces whenever they see a CCTV camera?
  • Is the vehicle number plate purposely obstructed?
  • Have these people interacted with anyone else and have they visited any sensitive areas?
  • Did certain people leave vehicles, unattended or attended, and are these vehicles on a watchlist?

All recorded and indexed video information can be used to automatically identify and mitigate all types of risk. Security threats can be further investigated. For example, known information of suspects can also be automatically made available using historical databases. Such as government authority or social media.

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