A security professional for designs of global infrastructure security also said, "When security was breached before Viseum there was never video to investigate to show how best to strengthen the security."

Infrastructure Security

“Our strongest infrastructure security system.”

Infrastructure Security Video Surveillance

The only Infrastructure Security Camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from short range to long range. In all directions at the same time completely automatically. Controlling a moving PTZ Camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up video evidence before the alarm is raised, it automatically reports incidents for rapid response and investigations.


The appearance of this Infrastructure Security camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to criminals that the entire infrastructure is constantly watched. 



  • Greater surveillance coverage from fewer CCTV Camera Installations.
  • More close-up evidence captured automatically.
  • Delivering the best security for the highest deterrent.

Today’s Infrastructure Security Video Surveillance Challenges

With today’s security climate of global terrorism, there is a need to combat threats to Infrastructure Security. High-quality close‐up video evidence is needed of when, where and how the security of a remote site was breached, causing considerable loss and damage. The event in Algeria 2012 is an example of where better Infrastructure Security could have helped.

Terrorists and other criminals commit the security breach within just a few carefully planned seconds. But, before the availability of Viseum security solutions, collecting good evidence is not reliable. This is because crimes do not happen to close up to CCTV cameras. Or the incident is missed completely because the CCTV camera was pointing the wrong way.


Perimeter Surveillance Systems

This narrated presentation shows how it is impossible for anyone to identify a weak point of a perimeter that Viseum Optical and/or Thermal Surveillance Cameras are protecting.

Today’s future-proof CCTV Surveillance Camera

The Intelligent 360 Degree Panoramic CCTV Surveillance Camera

Critical Infrastructure SecurityViseum UK supplies the only intelligent video surveillance camera in the world to automatically detect multiple attacks in all directions at the same time, automatically controlling a PTZ Camera to capture ID video evidence of the intruder(s) even before the alarm is raised, and then automatically reporting the potential breach for rapid response.

At the heart of all our intelligent video solutions is the patented Intelligent Panoramic Security Camera. This uses multiple fixed cameras and one moving PTZ Camera in a single unit. Advanced software called Viseum Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (iVOS), detects, zooms into and follows suspects. Where they each break into, circulate or leave the remote site. It is modular hardware configured to cover from a targeted area, up to a full 360° panoramic coverage. Up to the size of 4 Olympic Stadiums using the Optical Panoramic Security Camera, and the area of New York City using the Thermal/Radar Panoramic Security Camera.

Best value CCTV surveillance camera for Critical Infrastructure

It has been independently endorsed that it would take at least 6 times more installations of any other advanced manned or unmanned camera solution, or at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or a minimum of 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the same level of security that each Viseum Panoramic Security Camera provides without being dependent on any CCTV surveillance operators or infrastructures.

Long-term deterrent for Infrastructure Security

The criminal is always deterred where cameras perform manned. When they see Viseum’s overt camera model follow them they believe a proactive human operator has already spotted them. This deters the threat of a security breach. It does this better than any other crime reduction initiative, short of having resident security staff constantly on alert.

Critical Infrastructure Security Utilities Infrastructure Security
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Today’s Infrastructure Security Remote CCTV Monitoring

The best situational awareness for Infrastructure Security

It operates standalone and completely independently of the central command control. The Viseum outdoor CCTV surveillance camera provides full visibility and control of the area under protection. It does not need to rely on any CCTV surveillance infrastructure to proactively detect and capture intruders.

This intelligent CCTV automation, operating with advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies results in the best of both worlds. Intelligent automation interplays with human vigilance. This optimizes the key human element of security, by not depending on people to detect and capture intruders. This means that CCTV operators can have more time to react to making the key decisions for responding.

Greater quantity and quality of local camera recordings

The Viseum PTZ Camera points itself to zoom into and follow events of interest. Viseum’s Contextual View Cameras are also valuable during live incidents or post investigations. Images from these cameras and the PTZ’s close-up, show what happened and who else is witnessing the incident.

As well as the PTZ Camera’s images typically being recorded centrally, its images and all Viseum’s wide contextual view cameras are stored locally and with greater quality than can be transmitted over a typical wireless network. This makes them invaluable for primary evidential use. And for distributed backup storage. And provides resilience against loss of evidence by removing any single point of failure.

Viseum digital integration to command control systems

Digital Integration of the Viseum outdoor CCTV surveillance camera. This eliminates the need for any operator training on the basic use of Viseum cameras and local DVR. A higher level of service with fewer operators, images from the moving PTZ Camera and Viseum’s wide contextual view Cameras can be displayed on the central control room video wall and/or spot monitors. This optimizes manpower by only watching cameras with relevant activity.

Viseum UK Intelligent Video Surveillance


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