The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

Riot Police Tactics

Police CCTV Surveillance Report

Riot Police Tactics CCTV Stops Rioting…

Riot Police Tactics developed with and for Royal Malaysia Police



Viseum UK Group Group President Stuart Thompson meets with the Deputy Chief Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur Police to discuss riot police tactics.


Royal Malaysia Police dinner discussing riot police tactics


Recent world news reported of thousands of people at a political rally in Kuala Lumpur. Rioting was not only widely expected during this event but it was also Malaysia’s largest ever crowd of protestors. After Viseum listened to the challenges faced by Malaysia’s Riot Police Tactics, Viseum customised its Riot CCTV solution to operate in the way needed to deliver automated situational awareness for police riot control success.


Riot police tactics using CCTV for deterrent


Firstly the Malaysian language was added to the Viseum CiVMS Video Management System. To save an 8 – 24 hour manned surveillance operation a crowd behaviour surveillance algorithm was customized for when and how to automatically send the required information to Riot Police Tactics Command Control and Riot Police senior officers. The Viseum CiVMS video archiving system customized to help the Riot Police bookmark certain events, faces and people in the crowd for each riot police operation. A design of unbreakable radio communications was also required to ensure Riot Police Tactics Command Control do not lose valuable evidence and information.


Riot Police Operational CCTV Training


Riot police tactics planning meeting


These photos are of the Viseum UK Group President Stuart Thompson, personally supporting Malaysia’s riot police operational CCTV Training in time for this political rally.


Training riot police tacticsRiot Police Tactics

Key to the success of these Riot Police Tactics was the fact that the vast majority of the Malaysian people who start and join riots are in fact employed because riots only happen during the weekend. So, as there is no escaping the vast coverage of Viseum cameras, and nobody wants their face recognized on broadcast quality HD cameras, Viseum is delighted to help Malaysia’s Riot Police deliver such a peaceful event.


Royal Malaysia Police Team Leaders.

Riot Police Tactics - team leaders


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