After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeter's compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards.

Safe City CCTV Performance

Viseum UK CCTV Performance

Safe City CCTV Performance – Police Report

“The Best CCTV Performance Tested”


Publicised installations of Viseum’s Safe City CCTV Performance


The World’s Best CCTV performance, using Viseum’s Intelligent Video Analytics Software, open platform Intelligent Video Management System and unique Intelligent CCTV Security CamerasOur globally-patented Software Technology Services and Panoramic Surveillance Camera uses significantly fewer cameras to cover much larger areas than any other CCTV camera technology. Our best-of-breed video content analysis software monitors all of our intelligent CCTV security solutions, and can be optimized to automate video surveillance applications. Our auto-intelligent Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras automatically exploit Automated Face Recognition, Automatic Person Following and Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), to automatically detect, re-identify and follow people and vehicles throughout a CCTV enterprise.

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 Direct Comparison with Manned CCTV

Highly publicised case studies standalone Viseum camera installations operating automatically, in direct competition with monitored camera installations manned 24/7 in command control centres. The manned cameras caught nothing but the Viseum Panoramic Security Cameras captured all reported and more unreported incidents. Viseum caught all serious offences, public disorder incidents, misdemeanours. They also supported intelligence gathering, resulting in convictions, public disorder injunctions, community evictions, criminal cautions, proof of false accusations, compensation claims, and public disorder enforcement.


Viseum’s CCTV Performance encouraged the security industry’s media to further study the Viseum camera, by using it to clear up crime for the UK’s most challenging trouble spots. Communities were chosen were several years of crime reduction initiatives had already failed, and even 24/7 manned infrastructure CCTV still hadn’t made any difference. The results then attracted international TV and newspapers.

Field tests with Viseum IMC installations integrated with manned CCTV

A case study of 5 Viseum camera installations integrated with 24/7 manned monitoring infrastructures and 2 completely standalone Viseum installations, captured all 3 reported and 47 unreported incidents. These incidents were comprised of 9 serious offences, 42 antisocial disorder incidents, and 1 intelligence gathering activity. This resulted in 6 cautions, 3 arrests, 1 antisocial disorder injunction, 1 fine and 1 criminal gang displaced to another neighbourhood.

CCTV Performance Results

CCTV Performance - comparison

Overall, 57 unreported incidents were captured by Viseum IMC cameras that would not have been captured with any other manned or unmanned camera solution.

The major result of this study clearly identifies the new market that the Viseum cameras were designed to deliver. By not relying on CCTV monitoring infrastructures, but automatically performing better than ‘manned’ 24/7/365, this CCTV Innovation has led to Viseum dominating a new market that has bridged the very large gaps between, and solved the many problems with, standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding patrols.

This Better CCTV with no 24/7 monitoring infrastructure, resulted in more camera installations and less crime. Additional benefits included improved community regeneration and increased Public Safety peace of mind.


Best CCTV Performance

All Viseum Panoramic Security Camera installations successfully addressed community problems within 4 months. This CCTV performance has attracted many professional individuals and organisations to support Viseum’s CCTV Product Solutions help the world’s economy save $ billions per year with this enhanced crime clear up capability.


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