This traffic manager said, “A CCTV camera automatically detecting and capturing multiple simultaneous traffic contraventions at long range and in any direction, is truly astonishing and will certainly help us deliver more penalties for much safer roads.”

Traffic Enforcement Camera

Virtual Gigapixel Traffic Enforcement Camera

Traffic Enforcement Camera – World’s Safest Roads


Just 1 x Viseum Traffic Violation Camera = at least 200 x next best traffic camera installations:


  • Greater traffic surveillance coverage from fewer Traffic CCTV cameras.
  • Automatically optimize and accelerate revenues, with more traffic violations processed by less staff.
  • Deliver the best traffic enforcement for the safest roads.

Government Public Safety CCTV

Fully Automated Security together with Traffic Management – Viseum’s patented Software Technology Services and multitasking CCTV camera technology optimize the automated detection, capture and processing of traffic flow, traffic violations and security threats at the same time.

A typical major city has more than 10 traffic violation hotspots, where only Viseum technology can optimize the policing of traffic violations. Each site generates over $50 million annual revenues from 2000 multiple types of traffic violations each day. This totals $500 million annual revenues from just these 10 sites.


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  • Panoramic Security Camera
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Traffic Enforcement Camera Gigapixel Analytics

Gigapixel Analytics Traffic Enforcement Camera


  • Captures 100 x more vehicles.
  • Captures at least 25 x more usable video evidence.
  • Enforces at least 15 x more traffic violations.

Today’s Traffic Enforcement Camera Problems


Old enforcement methods for moving and non-moving traffic violation used foot patrols. Traffic enforcement vehicles and complex remote technologies are also used. All come with high operational and maintenance costs, and deliver little results. Traffic violation solutions are used sparingly. Many traffic violations are not detected. Illegal parking, illegal turns, misuse of bus lanes and cars stopping where they are not allowed. This all compromises road safety. This remains a key challenge for all local authorities today.


Traffic Enforcement Camera

The only Traffic Enforcement Camera to automatically detect multiple traffic violations. From short-range to long-range in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Camera to zoom into, follow and confirm traffic violations. With high-quality extended video evidence of each offence, this mitigates appeals to encourage early payment of penalties.


Today’s Future-Proof Traffic Enforcement Camera

The Viseum IMC™ (Intelligent Moving Camera)

At the heart of all our Intelligent Traffic Enforcement Systems is our patented Viseum 360 Security Camera. It is the only camera to automatically detect and capture multiple simultaneous traffic violations up to 320 metres in all directions. It captures both high-quality close-up and wide contextual view CCTV video evidence and automatically flags it for traffic enforcement.

Traffic Enforcement CameraThe Viseum IMC Camera uses multiple wide contextual view cameras and one PTZ Camera in a single unit. Controlled by AI software called Viseum Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (Viseum iVOS™). It automatically detects, zooms into and follows individuals and vehicles. Its modular hardware can be configured to cover a targeted area. Or provide vast 360° panoramic coverage, up to the size of 4 Olympic Stadiums, from just one Viseum IMC Camera installation.

The World’s Most Effective CCTV Traffic Enforcement Camera 

It has been independently endorsed that it would take at least 6 times more installations of any other advanced PTZ Camera solution, at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or over 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the level of security that each Viseum 360 Security Camera provides without being dependent on any surveillance operators or traffic enforcement infrastructures.

Long-Term Road Safety Traffic CCTV

Using our patented technology, the Viseum IMC Camera is an easy to use unattended plug-and-play lightweight device. For permanent or temporary traffic enforcement deployments on standard street lighting columns. It is the most effective camera solution for automating the enforcement of many types of traffic violations.  At the same time, it also reduces the threat of physical conflict between road users and traffic enforcement personnel.


A single rapid CCTV deployment for immediate vast traffic enforcement coverage

Viseum UK’s Redeployable Panoramic Security Camera is the best and most versatile plug-and-play traffic CCTV camera deployment. It uses multiple Wide Contextual View surveillance cameras and one moving PTZ camera. It simplifies temporary traffic enforcement deployment options. Permanent traffic enforcement installations automatically monitor and report traffic congestion and accidents. Viseum’s modular CCTV hardware is easily configured to match the coverage required for each deployment. It operates completely automatically with manual operator override but no operational fatigue, integrated into:

  • Manned central control rooms,
  • Back-office traffic violation penalty systems.

Traffic Enforcement Video Management SystemCCTV surveillance of Road Traffic Cameras

Complete end-to-end traffic CCTV solution

Viseum’s Remote Central Management software provides secure communication between a local authority’s back office and each unattended camera device. Customised to a local authority’s penalties system, this instructs each unattended device to capture traffic violations. For example, setting the level of close-up video needed to prove traffic violations. Also, capture a vehicle’s number plate. And, how much of Viseum’s Wide Contextual View and close-up video is required to enforce penalties and to process appeals.



  • Panoramic Security Camera
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Automated Alarms – Traffic Violation Evidence

Viseum’s Intelligent Virtual Operator Software automatically detects traffic offences. Each traffic violation’s evidence pack is automatically uploaded for the local authority to process. It will use a format to support seamless operation with any traffic penalty system.

Digital Systems Integration – Command Control Software Back-Office Penalty Systems

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Following on from quality testing, Viseum UK’s Digital Integration Programme is offered to all our Command Control Software Technology Partners, as well as other back-office penalty systems, upon request. Viseum APIs use secure web-based protocols. This usually takes one engineer less than 5 days to implement.