After watching Viseum multi-view optical and thermal cameras automatically monitoring at extreme long range,  this expert specializing in the security of mass populations offered to leave his military post and join Viseum.

Perimeter Security Systems

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“Our best perimeter security systems”
(Metropolitan Police)

Viseum’s Early Warning Perimeter Security Systems…


The visual appearance of Viseum’s Perimeter Security Systems operating automatically, displays to criminals that the entire perimeter is constantly protected by many surveillance experts.


  • Greater perimeter coverage with fewer cameras automatically detecting potential intruders. IMPOSSIBLE to find a weak point of your perimeter.
  • Early warning and no need for physical perimeter breach for alarms, with detection and confirmation of potential intruders from 320 metres out to 26 kilometres.
  • Strongest peace of mind for high-value asset protection.


Industry Standard Patent Regulated

The Perimeter Security Systems industry-standard deterrent and automated security and situational awareness

Installed, maintained and supported as plug-and-play with modular hardware configuration meeting any remote site’s security coverage and surveillance requirements. Bridging the very large gaps between, and solving the many intrinsic problems with, standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding security patrols. It would take 6 x constantly manned “next best” PTZ camera installations to monitor the same area as 1 x Viseum IMC Camera. Viseum will deliver better results automatically costing significantly less capex and at least 6 x less opex each year.

Perimeter Security Systems - 360 degree CCTV Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° Perimeter CCTV Security 

Automated Perimeter Protection

The only Perimeter Security Systems to automatically detect multiple incidents from close to long range in all directions of the perimeter at the same time. Viseum’s Perimeter Security Systems operate completely automatically controlling a moving PTZ Camera to prevent perimeter breach. With high-quality close-up video evidence of even before the alarm is raised, they automatically report incidents for rapid response and investigations.


  • Captures at least 100 x more people and vehicles and 25 x more usable video evidence.
  • Clears up at least 15 x more incidents.

Perimeter Alarm System

Our best-of-breed Perimeter Security Systems can confirm potential intruders automatically when they approach the perimeter out as far as 320 m optical and 20 km radar. These early warning perimeter alarms are used as a primary warning and key deterrent, and can also be used as an advanced backup/dual perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS).

Viseum Panoramic Security Cameras are known as the trusted solution to the problem of outdoor wide-area CCTV security. Our Perimeter Surveillance systems deliver the world’s strongest perimeter security. We have fully digitally integrated our Thermal and Optical Panoramic Security Cameras, our leading Radar Surveillance System, and Counter Drone Systems, into the security industry’s most advanced perimeter intrusion detection systems.

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Perimeter Security Systems – Viseum iVOS F3 Find, Fix and Follow


Early prototypes know as ‘Tag and Track’ Systems 


If an intruder breaches anywhere along a secure remote site’s perimeter, they are automatically identified using Viseum UK’s Panoramic Security Cameras, their image is tagged and they are then followed throughout the site. If suspects merge with groups of other people, or temporarily disappear between non-overlapping camera views, our tag and track system and face recognition software can re-identify and locate them, as necessary.

Perimeter Security Systems for Utilities Infrastructure Security

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Perimeter Security Systems – Integrated CCTV Camera Fencing

For the most effective and efficient Perimeter Security Systems, our fencing has modular built-in Viseum Panoramic Security Cameras. This supports the practicalities of installation and maintenance, whilst optimizing operational performance to give the highest levels of perimeter intruder detection security for critical infrastructures, such as airports and power plants.

Problems with Perimeter Security Systems

In today’s global security climate there’s a real need to combat the perimeter security threats that can occur to critical infrastructure and achieve this whilst reducing associated running costs. Trying to collect suitable images of incidents where a perimeter security breach has occurred, causing loss and criminal damage, has often proved futile because the incident did not occur close up to the camera, or was missed completely because the camera was pointing the wrong way.

The Solution: Today’s Future-Proof Perimeter Security Systems

Viseum UK supplies the only Perimeter Security Systems in the world to automatically detect multiple attacks in all directions of a perimeter at the same time. Only Viseum’s Perimeter CCTV Surveillance can automatically control a PTZ Camera to zoom into and confirm incidents, take ID images of suspects, then follow the required action, as well as capturing high-quality close-up evidence of intruders – even before the alarm is raised – and then, still automatically, report for rapid response.

Perimeter Security Systems Fence Sensors

Best Perimeter Surveillance and CCTV Security Camera and Long-Term Deterrent

Criminals are always deterred where cameras perform as if ‘manned’ and once they see Viseum UK’s overt perimeter CCTV camera follow them they then believe a proactive human operator has already spotted them. This is well-proven to deter the threat of attack better than any other surveillance and security initiative, short of having resident security staff constantly on alert.

The Best Perimeter Surveillance Security Service

The most advanced Perimeter Surveillance security camera in the world, working hand-in-hand with leading remote monitoring services, produces the fastest and most accurate, complete end-to-end security service. Viseum UK’s intelligent Panoramic Security Cameras provide the highest level of constantly vigilant perimeter surveillance 24/7/365. Uniquely, it can produce close-up video of the perimeter security breach at the same time as the initial alert is reported to the remote monitoring service. This means that the perimeter incident can be reported in detail for it to be dealt with in the most rapid and efficient way.

Perimeter Surveillance Crime Clear-Up Systems

Full Perimeter Protection Camera - Perimeter Security Systems Camera

Once a perimeter breach is confirmed and the alarm is raised by the remote CCTV monitoring service, the relevant local authorities are given the information that somebody has entered the perimeter security area, and are also be shown a detailed description of the suspect, where they are, where they’ve been, and what they’ve been doing.

Unique Perimeter Security Systems

If the suspect is apprehended during the incident, they can be presented then and there with detailed video information of their particular clothing and any noticeable brand logos. Even if they are wearing a hood or any type of facial mask, the Perimeter CCTV surveillance recordings are immediately available, and the detailed video evidence is proven to persuade the suspect to own up to the offence. Likewise, even if the suspect escapes, this detailed video evidence is again proven to help local authorities recognize and identify the suspect.

Perimeter Surveillance Systems

This narrated presentation shows how it is impossible for anyone to identify a weak point of a perimeter that Viseum Thermal and/or Optical Surveillance Cameras are protecting.



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