The sales director for one of Viseum's PSIM software competitors also said, "We do not have anything like Viseum but if we did it will help us win every project."

Best PSIM Software

Our best PSIM software

Viseum® PSIM Software Technology Services


Stopping incidents by automatically processing situational awareness information, Viseum PSIM systems save lives and increase business performance.

  •   Citywide to nationwide RFP (request for proposal) project support. Safe Cities from Viseum®   The ...
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  • Governments’ Public Safety Held To Account   After terrorist attacks, large amounts of extra money ...
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Viseum PSIM Solutions

Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software and the world’s most advanced PSIM Software. Our innovations help our customers automatically collect situational awareness information. They can automatically turn this new intelligence into action. Our software improves automated situational awareness. It optimizes all available information for the best outcome of a situation. The benefits and key capabilities of our PSIM infrastructure:

  • Situational awareness information collection.PSIM Software
  • Event analysis.
  • Incident verification, resolution and reporting.
  • Incident audit trail to recreate the incident.


Viseum PSIM Software manages all security devices as single units. It collects data from all parts of the system. Cross-checking all data, events, alarms, etc. to identify and prioritise. Information is displayed in the best way for security operators to react. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are provided by the system. This resolves situations based on best practices and organisations’ policies. The system will automatically follow all information and actions taken. This also optimizes training and compliance auditing. The software will monitor how each CCTV operator interacts with the system. It will calculate operator reaction times to further optimize workflow.


PSIM Situational Awareness Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° PSIM CCTV Camera

Best PSIM Situational Awareness

For complete ground truth of a remote site and deploy the best first responder services, the best situational awareness information is needed. For this, the best CCTV camera must be used. This reliably produces the most amount of accurate situational awareness information.

For the best PSIM security, the Viseum 360 CCTV Camera provides full visibility and control of the entire area under automated surveillance. Operating automatically it does not need any surveillance infrastructure, to proactively detect and capture incidents.




  •   Viseum® Safe City Security Cameras   Viseum’s multitasking camera automates security and revenue-generating traffic ...
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Viseum Holistic Vision PSIM


Competing PSIM software vendors often say, Many end users do not see PSIM Software as something they must have.” BUT, when these vendors integrate with Viseum Product Solutions, they increase their sales. The technical performance and operational savings make Viseum’s Intelligent Holistic Vision PSIM Software crucial for the customer. It rapidly convinces end users how this optimizes the value of their entire security estate.

These near 2-minute videos are recommended to play in full-screen on a large display. There is no voice narration. The many security systems and technologies all working together over-complicates the presentation:

Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV Training


Border Control and Border Security - Viseum Global F3 National and International Security

PSIM Software Management

GIS CCTV and Security Surveillance System Situational Awareness People Surveillance PSIM Software

This narrated example shows how situational awareness information can automatically avoid the most mundane and the most complex security risks.


People Surveillance Systems Command Control and Communications

This narrated presentation shows how any organisation can have the best future-proofed security for their entire enterprise. Including the best future-proofed Command Control and Communications Centre. Designed for, and installed at any chosen location.


Viseum Intelligent Video Analytics Software

This presentation shows how Viseum is leading the physical security industry, with the most advanced and constantly evolving surveillance technologies.


  •   Intelligent Video Analytics Software from Viseum®   Automatically catch perpetrators in the act. Or, ...
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  • Viseum® Intelligent Video Management System   Viseum CiVMS™ Central Intelligent Video Management System uses Viseum ...
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Downloads for Holistic Vision PSIM Software: