After seeing Viseum IMC cameras monitoring their perimeter and within the perimeter's compound, a city governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his city without risking the lives of his guards. The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London. "We can have higher levels of safety and security but stop governments snooping on us." “Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

CCTV Case Studies

CCTV Case Studies

“The best 360 security camera and surveillance system.” (Metropolitan Police)


Viseum® CCTV Case Studies


Viseum’s Case Studies show how our disruptive technologies help organisations strengthen their security. Our customers achieve this by making significant operational savings. Viseum CCTV Installations deliver over 25 times more results than any other CCTV security or surveillance system.


Safe City Camera

  Viseum® Safe City Security Cameras   Viseum’s multitasking camera automates security and revenue-generating traffic management. This was a Safe City Camera training day using our Face Recognition Software and Social Media Investigations.   Safe City training day World-leading law enforcement agencies came to see the vast coverage of Viseum’s Safe City 360 Security Cameras. They automatically tracked where people had been, ... Read More »

Police CCTV Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement Agency   This initiative creates low crime levels where police have previously exhausted crime reduction initiatives. Police forces are trained on how Viseum Video Analytics Software and its unique CCTV cameras are relied upon within just 3-4 months of installation. Now, Viseum’s 360 Security Cameras are used by international law enforcement agencies to train police forces throughout ... Read More »

Safe City CCTV Performance

“The best CCTV performance we have tested.”   Publicised installations of Viseum’s Safe City CCTV Performance.   Viseum’s unique Intelligent Video Analytics Software, and open platform Intelligent Video Management System, uses the unique 360 Security Cameras and all other standard cameras. Our globally-patented Software and Hardware Technology Services need significantly fewer cameras to cover much larger areas than any other CCTV ... Read More »

Safe City Report

Safe City and Infrastructure Security Report   Today the biggest problem that we all face is the risk of crime and Terrorism. Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security.     The world must now prepare for national security risks that most of us ... Read More »

CCTV England – UK Partners

Viseum® CCTV made in England   The Viseum IMC™ (Intelligent Moving Camera) 360° multiview & multitasking security and surveillance camera.   Industry-standard and patent regulated   England’s CCTV industry standard for automated security and situational awareness   This Intelligent CCTV Camera is a multitasking camera with many video analytics systems operating together for many applications. Installed, maintained, and supported as ... Read More »

Riot Police Tactics

World’s Best Riot Police Tactics   “Finding the location of a riot before it has started helps riot police tactics. Viseum’s crowd software monitors our city cameras and everything on social media. It helps stop rioting before crowd control becomes a problem.” (Metropolitan Police) Social Media – Situational awareness for riot control Face Recognition AI CCTV + Social Media InvestigationsWatch ... Read More »

Community CCTV

Community CCTV

  London’s Community CCTV Deterrent – Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® “This community CCTV scheme is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” (London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime)   Viseum Safe City Community CCTV Schemes are expanding globally. This is an installation by London’s Metropolitan Police. After just a few days, a community ... Read More »

Government CCTV

  Government CCTV Security and Public Safety CCTV from Viseum® Viseum’s Government CCTV Product Solutions are purchased where the potential impact of terrorism, crime, and disorder, on public confidence and national reputation is judged as being unacceptably high. If a customer wishes to get the best deal for their available budget, then they must use a public tender.   The correct situational ... Read More »

City Regeneration

City Regeneration CCTV initiative delivers long-term success for the UK Just 4 of Viseum’s redeployable 360 CCTV cameras for a local council does better than over 800 standard fixed CCTV cameras Isle of Man Government has come to Viseum’s 360 Security Camera to help protect important conservation areas and for City Regeneration. The island’s cities and political centres have joined ... Read More »

Event CCTV Security

  Automated high-security Event CCTV from Viseum®   Event organisers said, “Our best Event CCTV”. The appearance of the Viseum 360 Security Camera event CCTV constantly protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire event is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.   Thousands of people protected by JUST ONE event security camera   Crowds at the BBC’s ... Read More »

Community Regeneration

Community Regeneration Safe City CCTV Technology… Police Authority Community Regeneration CCTV Schemes London Police CCTV Viseum supported the Metropolitan Police Force to train their staff using one of their redeployable Intelligent Moving Camera installations in the field as an example. This camera had captured close-up evidence that would have been missed by any other camera, of a gang throwing stones ... Read More »

CCTV User Group


Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® for the CCTV User Group… After a live field demonstration of an installation in London, the UK’s CCTV User Group, which sits on the UK’s Commissioners Standards Group, Standards Board and Advisory Council, endorsed the Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® concept and its technology with this quote:   “Well-designed and well-managed CCTV systems in the UK have proved themselves to ... Read More »

Police CCTV Yearly Savings Calculator

Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

Viseum Intelligent CCTV Savings   Operational Safe City savings for existing and expanding Police Temporary CCTV operations. Compared to increasing ongoing costs for police personnel.   Viseum has developed these operational crime-fighting savings calculators. Produced with the security professionals who designed, built and managed  London’s Metropolitan Police Command Control. The calculations used for these savings are based on real-life examples ... Read More »

City CCTV Yearly Savings Calculator

Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

How Viseum Intelligent CCTV Saves Money   Operational Safe City savings for existing Council CCTV networks, compared to increasing ongoing costs for Council CCTV security personnel.   Viseum has developed these operational crime-fighting CCTV savings calculators, with help from the security professionals who designed, built and managed London’s Police Command Control and Communications network. The calculations used for these savings ... Read More »

Housing Regeneration

Housing Regeneration CCTV Security After several years of housing regeneration initiatives, just one Viseum IMC™ Camera clears up the worst crime hotspots. Housing Regeneration Security This case study is from a well-publicised solution to the problem of Housing Regeneration It was based on a like-for-like comparison between a Viseum Panoramic Security Camera and the council’s manned surveillance infrastructure. Over a ... Read More »

Police CCTV Cameras

Viseum’s Police CCTV Cameras   Viseum IMC™ Police CCTV Cameras demonstrate new ability to monitor and move cameras automatically to reduce crime and disorder.   Metropolitan Police, “Our best crime deterrent.” Described by them as a Virtual Gigapixel Camera, a Virtual Operator and a Virtual Guard. Operates completely automatically. In all directions at the same time, it detects, confirms and ... Read More »