One of the largest Police Forces in America said “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

Video Analytics Software

Video Analytics Software

Advanced Video Analytics Software – National Security

Intelligent Video Analytics Software…

World’s Most Intelligent Video Analytics Software for Video Surveillance

Viseum introduced Video Analytics Software to the world. Our International Patents are testament to us developing and supporting video analysis technologies for far longer than any other organisation in the world.

Our Video Analytics Software Technology Services are the security industry’s gold standard. We have the world’s largest video analysis and image processing academic and real-world research network, and our Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (Viseum iVOS) uses the latest know-how, methods, and concepts. Our industry-leading video analytics software developers and Professional Doctorates, produce the world’s most advanced deep learning, neural networks AI Video Analytics Software.

Remaining Ahead of Crime and Terror

To remain ahead of terrorists and other criminals it is critical to bring cutting-edge CCTV Security and Surveillance Technology to market in the fastest possible way. Our processes and infrastructure to deliver this security success have evolved over the longest period of time, to produce the most robust and highly effective routines turning innovation into practical intelligent CCTV analytics software solutions.

Level 1 Technology Introduction Programme - Video Analytics SoftwareiVOS Intelligent Video Analytics – LEVEL 1 Software Technology Services:




  • Viseum delivers the most reliable and effective security Video Analytics Software operating inside the Video Management System to optimize all CCTV cameras, and inside the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera to optimize CCTV camera installations.
  • Our security projects include the typical level of niche Intelligent Video Analytics Software required for the best operational surveillance application.
  • All Viseum Products Solutions are delivered plug-and-play because our Intelligent Video Analytics Software Technology Services are commissioned using Viseum Remote Managed Support Services.

Automated Intelligent Multitasking CCTV Cameras

Intelligent Video Analytics Software operating locally to the camera
and centrally with Viseum’s Central Intelligent Video Management System


Intelligent Video Analytics Software | Intelligent Virtual Operator Software


The Viseum UK Group’s international patents are testament to Viseum Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (Viseum iVOS) being the world’s leading Video Analytics Software. Sometimes known as Image Processing software or video content analysis (VCA) software, this operates inside all Viseum IMCs and Viseum CiVMS Product Solutions.

Delivering the highest levels of CCTV security and surveillance for situational awareness in complex and challenging environments, this software provides line-of-sight CCTV surveillance using fixed contextual view cameras to automatically detect and record, and to control the Viseum PTZ Camera to automatically confirm and record.

Working completely standalone for secure management via the Internet, or integrated with remote CCTV monitoring command and control,  Viseum IMCs are well proven to provide at least 25 times more court-quality evidence than any other camera solution, by giving greater coverage than multiple fixed camera installations and better performance than intermittently manned PTZ moving cameras.


iVOS Standard Intelligent Video Analytics Software

By automatically learning its environments, and ignoring rain and other movements such as trees and bushes blowing in the wind, the Intelligent Virtual Operator Software permits effective monitoring night and day in all types of weather (subject to available ambient or artificial light).

Incident detection and behavioural recognition capabilities are based on the study of objects in real-time environments, to meet specific salient surveillance requirements for populated and unpopulated open areas that generate random crimes. It measures and compares various parameters relating to the basic laws of physics, such as size, shape, time, speed, and location, and then applies decision rules based on local knowledge of the environment to recognize particular types of activity in particular areas.

Video Analytics Software

Intelligent Security Video Analytics Software Automated Detection/Reaction

To achieve its excellent day and night detection performance and the quality of evidence required, Viseum Video Analytics Software uses fixed wide-angle contextual view cameras to the highest specification available for each remote site. These cameras are more sensitive than a human eye in low-light conditions, and combined with its disciplined automation in maintaining vigilance, our advanced Video Analytics Software is well-proven to detect activity in larger and more distant areas more effectively than a human eye.

Matching the performance of its detection system, its fully automated reaction system uses the industry’s highest specification PTZ Cameras to automatically confirm incidents, and to maintain greater accuracy at distance providing consistent high-quality close-up evidence.

Automated Activity/Target Selection

Developed through listening and watching many UK CCTV operators, by default this software uses a points system to select targets based on where they are and what they are doing. This means that if there are several activities meeting the same surveillance profile, the system will target the activity with the most points.

Where multiple events occur simultaneously, it can be instructed to switch the PTZ Camera between events using this points system and the activities’ location. This allows close-up evidence to be captured of everything and has the added benefit of preventing diversion tactics.

Automated PTZ Camera Optical Zoom Control

Another key functionality of Viseum’s Intelligent Virtual Operator Software is its ability to automatically meet UK Home Office Guidelines for zoom levels required for court evidence. The method of selecting the appropriate zoom level is easily adjusted to meet local operational policies or individual user requirements.

Manual PTZ Camera Control

Integrated into command control legacy systems, or using Viseum’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), the PTZ Camera can be manually moved at any time. For rapid manned response, Viseum’s advanced ‘Point & Go’ functionality can be used to have the PTZ Camera go to wherever needed with just one click of the screen.

Proactive Alert Options

User-specified triggers are set by Viseum’s Remote Managed Support Service to proactively alert manned response units using the following mobile phone-based options:

  • Audio and/or video alert.
  • SMS text.
  • Images of the trigger sent via MMS.

Video Analytics Software

Surveillance Profiles Scheduling

As part of our security Video Analytics Software libraries, standard surveillance profiles are available to fit the majority of real-life environments, and new profiles are produced for customized applications by our Remote Managed Support (RMS) services, who are on-hand to help ensure the surveillance profiles are optimized for each area under observation.

These profiles are easily selected from a drop-down menu and any number of different profiles for any number of specific areas can be set for different times of the day over a seven day period.

Local Knowledge Crime Hotspot Management

Any numbers of areas are easily given 1 of 3 levels of priority. For example, activities in certain areas can be given relevant priority:

  • Criminal damage – catch people in the act and see where they come from and go to.
  • Focal points for illegal activities – catch close-up evidence of offenders and evidence of their crime.
  • ATM machines – catch and alarm people getting robbed and PIN skimming devices being attached.
  • Drug dealing – focus on regular meeting points and catch transactions.

iVOS Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Video Analytics Software GUITo benefit from Viseum’s secure on-line remote camera control or post-event video retrieval, all that is needed to get started is familiarity with browsing the Internet.

This browser-based GUI was developed by listening to end-user needs so it’s very familiar and easy to use. All that is needed to securely access Viseum’s GUI is a PC or laptop, using any operating system with any web browser software.

Multiple Modes of Operation 

  • Passive: Fully automated scouting for long-term deterrent and post-event video analysis.
  • Reactive: Automated scouting to trigger alerts for fixed or mobile manned response.
  • Manual override: IP web browser interface.

Standard IP Graphical User Interface

  • HTTP or HTTPS access depending on security level required.
  • Remote or local secure access from any fixed or mobile IP communications.
  • Remote commissioning.
  • Supports home and mobile working.

User Administration

Easy and secure single or group user access and permission management:

  • User profiles: Each user or group can be given different permissions to administer and use the Viseum system.
  • Adaptive GUI: The Viseum GUI automatically adapts its presentation to match the user’s profile.
  • Track user activity: Comprehensive audit trail with user activity logs.

Advanced NVR/DVR Surveillance Software

Our advanced Video Analytics Software also provides unrivalled video recording for its surveillance camera solutions. Viseum’s auto-intelligent recording software runs directly with the Viseum iVOS software inside the range of Viseum’s iVOS NVR/DVR Camera Controller products.

Optimised to be used remotely via entry-level wireless or wired TCP/IP broadband services, using any web browser. Viseum’s camera controllers use industry-leading UK Home Office compliant evidence authentication, audit trail, and communications security features to ensure the integrity of the evidence gathered supported by our Video Analytics Software.


  • Court-quality evidence – JPG frames are time-stamped and watermarked and can be encrypted for authentication.
  • Synchronised extended dual evidence recordings – close-up recordings from the PTZ Camera are matched to the wide contextual view recordings.

Archived video interrogation optimized for rapid remote post-incident investigations:


  • Optimised internet video streaming (latest secure YouTube techniques).
  • Colour coded event thumbnail presentation.
  • Activity overview graphs.
  • One-touch event navigation.
  • Bookmarks – for rapid event reference.

With our Video Analytics Software, recordings are downloadable in user-selectable video player formats, and at various qualities, to match available investigation time: e.g. from rapid, low-quality images for local intelligence, up to the highest quality court evidence.


  • Windows Media Player or SMPlayer.
  • Viseum’s Multi-View Player – play all camera views at once to investigate the event and what else happened around it.
  • Advanced encryption privacy – option for images to never be viewed by any unauthorized persons.

(The Advanced NVR/DVR Software is sold optionally with the Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software.)

iVOS Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics Software Technology Customisation Services

Video Analytics Software

Viseum Intelligent Video Analytics software can be further enhanced with value-added features and functionality:


Advanced features of the Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software:


Advanced NVR/DVR Software:


  • Smart searching (Viseum iVOS F3).
  • One-touch burn to DVD.
  • Emergency seize of local hard drive data to USB memory device.

Enhanced Command Control Integration – Touch Screen Functionality:

  • PTZ Camera ‘point & track’ or ‘point & go’.
  • Local knowledge crime hotspot management.
  • Optimised human/machine interplay with target selection.
  • Operational database management for privacy issues and KPIs.

The Viseum iVOS monitoring software operating system is based on our highly robust propriety Software Platform. This software package is available to support the many different hardware architectures available today. This makes hardware procurement both easier, and encourages the integration of the Viseum IMC technology with a greater number of third-party products.

Hardware Manufacture and Quality Control Management

The Viseum Intelligent Video Analytics Software system is future-proofed by providing single pixel definition from its fixed cameras and matching PTZ Camera control accuracy. As camera hardware technologies improve, the Viseum system’s detection and intelligence gathering range and performance will increase with them.

To ensure quality control and legal production of any product using our Video Analytics Software, an advanced licensing encryption system is implemented during the build process of any system using Viseum VCA software, using a variety of hardware certification processes.

Hardware Maintenance

Immediate or potential hardware problems are dealt with as they occur using Viseum’s remote managed support (RMS) software watchdog and self-repair services. For ease and efficiency of maintenance, the unique local application configuration and certification is securely backed up on the iVOS Camera Controller’s compact flash card.

Third-Party Product Integration

The built-in Viseum protocol analyzer enables integration with any command control equipment using major brand PTZ Camera protocols to enhance the performance of any control room operations. Using the Viseum SDK and API, third-party products can be integrated with and benefit from enhanced Viseum VCA software functionality.

Customisation Developments on Request

The Viseum GUI is very popular and familiar. A selection of other GUIs can be used or a customer GUI can be produced. Any PTZ Camera protocols can be supported following quality control and patent licensing.


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