One of the largest Police Forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

Video Analytics Software

Video Analytics Software

“Our best video analytics software” (Metropolitan Police)

Viseum® Intelligent Video Analytics Software


Viseum iVOS™ Intelligent Virtual Operator Software Technology Services



Video Analytics Camera

  • Used inside the Viseum CiVMS™ our Video Content Analytics optimize any network of cameras. Automatically detect, confirm and follow people, vehicles and incidents. From short-range to long-range. Effective at a greater distance than all other Video Analytics.
  • Reliably 4 times greater accuracy than any other Video Analytics. In real-world deployments.
  • Our Video Analytics Software uses the latest field-proven know-how, methods and concepts.
  • Also used inside the patented Viseum IMC™. Automatically detects incidents using wide contextual view cameras. Also controlling a moving PTZ Camera to automatically confirm and follow the required action.

Patent regulated Intelligent Video Analytics and industry-standard deterrent and automated security and surveillance

Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera for National Security

Gigapixel Software Analytics 360° CCTV HD Camera

Working standalone or integrated with remote CCTV monitoring Command Control. This is a multitasking analytics camera with many video analytics systems operating together for several applications. Installed, maintained and supported as plug-and-play with modular hardware configuration. It meets any remote site’s security coverage and surveillance requirements. Solving the many problems with standalone security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding security patrols. It has been independently endorsed that to provide the same coverage as just 1 Viseum 360 Security Camera, it would take:


  • 6 constantly manned next best PTZ cameras, or,
  • 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or,
  • 200 standard fixed camera installations.

This does not take into account the extreme costs of installation and monitoring. Viseum will deliver more results automatically costing significantly less capex and 6 x less opex each year.

Automated Watchlists

Automatically create and grow your secure database of people, vehicles and watchlists. You can match from just a few hundred people and vehicles to recognizing many millions in real-time.


  • Panoramic Security Camera
    British CCTV Standards – Certified Accreditation   For consistent success throughout your entire security and ...
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  • Panoramic Security Camera
    Governments’ Public Safety Held To Account   After terrorist attacks, large amounts of extra money ...
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Face Recognition SoftwareUnique Video Analytics Software AI Video Surveillance

Viseum introduced Video Analytics Software to the security and surveillance industry, back in the year 2000. Our International Patents are a testament to our development and support of video analysis technologies. We have been supporting analytics for longer than any other organisation.

Deep learning neural networks AI Video Analytics Software. Artificial Intelligence Virtual Operator Software, known as Viseum iVOS. Our Software Technology Services support infrastructure has produced the most robust and highly effective development routines. Turning innovation into practical Video Analytics Product Solutions.

iVOS Intelligent Video Analytics Software Technology Services

Automated Intelligent Multitasking CCTV Cameras

Video Analytics operating locally to the camera
and centrally with Viseum® Central Intelligent Video Management System.


Standard Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software

By automatically learning its environments it can ignore rain with trees and bushes blowing in the wind. The Intelligent Virtual Operator Software effectively monitors night and day, and in all types of weather.

Incident detection and behavioural recognition based on the study of objects in real-time environments. For automated surveillance of populated and unpopulated wide areas that generate random crimes. It measures and compares size, shape, time, speed and location. Automatically detecting activity using local knowledge.

Video Analytics Software

Video Analytics Software Automated Detection/Reaction

Reliable day and night detection performance. Viseum Video Analytics Solutions use fixed wide contextual view cameras of the highest quality. Our advanced Video Analytics Software is well-proven to detect activity day and night. At greater distance than the human eye.

Matching the performance of its detection system. Its fully automated reaction system uses the industry’s highest specification PTZ Cameras to automatically confirm incidents. This gives greater accuracy at distance providing consistent high-quality close-up evidence.

Video Analytics Target Selection

Developed through listening and watching surveillance operators. Our analytics use a points system to select targets based on where they are and what they are doing. If there is more than one incident at the same time. The activity with the most points, based on activities and locations will be targeted first. The software instructs the PTZ Camera to switch between incidents. This captures close-up evidence of each incident. This also prevents diversion tactics.

Video Analytics PTZ Camera Optical Zoom Control

Viseum® Intelligent Virtual Operator Software automatically zooms to the required levels for court evidence.

Manual PTZ Camera Control

The PTZ Camera can be manually moved at any time. This is achieved by integrating iVOS into command control legacy systems. Or using Viseum’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). Viseum’s advanced ‘point & go’ functionality can be used to have the PTZ Camera go to wherever needed with just one click of the screen.

Video Analytics Software Proactive Alarm Options

Viseum’s Remote Managed Support (RMS) services help the end user configure the video analytics motion detection and incident recognition system. This includes what activity at a remote site should automatically send an alarm. Mobile phone systems can also be used for sending alarms:

  • Audio and/or video alarm.
  • SMS text.
  • Images of the alarm sent via MMS.

Video Analytics Software

Video Analytics Surveillance Profile Scheduling

Surveillance profiles are available from our Video Analytics Software library. New surveillance profiles are produced by our Remote Managed Support (RMS) services. This optimizes surveillance profiles for each camera installation. Profiles are selected from a drop-down menu. Any number of surveillance profiles can be used for any number of areas. They can be set for different times of the day over a 7 day period.

Local Knowledge Crime Hotspot Management

To give priority for some activities in certain areas, any number of areas can be given 3 levels of priority. Example hotspots:

  • Criminal damage – catch people in the act and see where they come from and go to.Video Analytics Software GUI
  • Focal points for illegal activities – catch close-up evidence of offenders and evidence of their crime.
  • ATM machines – catch and alarm people getting robbed and PIN skimming devices being attached.
  • Drug dealing – focus on regular meeting points and catch transactions.

iVOS Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Developed by listening to end users’ requirements this is a browser-based GUI. It is very familiar and easy to use. Any PC or laptop can use this with any operating system and any web browser.

Multiple modes of operation for greater flexibility

  • Passive: Fully automated scouting for long-term deterrent and post-event video analysis.
  • Reactive: Automated scouting to trigger alarms for better response.
  • Manual override: IP web browser interface to use any device.

Standard IP Graphical User Interface

  • HTTPS standard access for high-security encryption.
  • Remote or local secure access from any fixed or mobile IP communications.
  • Remote commissioning.
  • Supports home and mobile working.

User Administration

Easy and secure single or group user access and permission management:

  • User profiles: Each user or group of users can be given different Viseum system permissions.
  • Adaptive GUI: The Viseum GUI automatically adapts its presentation to match the user’s profile.
  • Track user activity: Comprehensive audit trail with user activity logs.

Advanced NVR Analytics

Our advanced Video Analytics Software also provides high-quality video recording. This is optional and runs directly with the Viseum iVOS software. This NVR is optimized for remote use of low bandwidth broadband services. Viseum’s camera controllers use industry-leading UK Home Office compliant evidence authentication. This includes audit trail and communications security features, ensuring the integrity of the evidence gathered:

  • Court-quality evidence – JPG frames are time-stamped and watermarked. They can be encrypted for enhanced authentication.
  • Synchronised extended dual evidence recordings – close-up recordings from the PTZ Camera are matched to the wide contextual view recordings.

Archived video interrogation optimized for rapid remote post-incident investigations:

  • Optimized internet video streaming (latest secure YouTube techniques).
  • Colour-coded event thumbnail presentation.
  • Activity overview graphs.
  • One-touch event navigation.
  • Bookmarks – for rapid event reference.

Recordings are downloadable in user-selectable video player formats, and at various qualities. These options are to match available investigation time. Low-quality images can be used for fast-moving investigations. Taking longer to download, the highest-quality evidence can be made available for court convictions:

  • Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime.
  • Viseum’s multi-view video player. Display all cameras at the same time on one screen. This is for investigations and court convictions.
  • Advanced encryption privacy. Images cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.

Viseum iVOS Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics Software Technology Customisation Services

Video Analytics Software

Viseum iVOS software can be customised with more value-added features and functionality.

Advanced features of the Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software:

Advanced NVR Software:

  • Smart searching (Viseum iVOS F3).
  • One-touch burn to DVD.
  • Emergency seize of local hard drive data to USB memory device.

Enhanced Command Control Integration – Touch Screen Functionality:

  • PTZ Camera ‘point & track’ or ‘point & go’.
  • Local knowledge crime hotspot management.
  • Optimized human/machine interplay with target selection.
  • Operational database management for privacy issues and KPIs.

The Viseum iVOS monitoring software operating system is based on our highly robust proprietary Software Platform. This software package is available to support the many different hardware architectures available today. This makes hardware procurement easier and encourages the integration of Viseum IMC technology with a greater number of third-party products.

Hardware Manufacture and Quality Control Management

Viseum® Intelligent Video Analytics System is future-proofed by providing single-pixel definition from its fixed cameras and matching PTZ Camera control accuracy. As camera hardware technologies improve, the Viseum system’s detection and intelligence gathering range and performance will increase with them. An advanced software licensing encryption system makes it impossible to copy our software. This uses a variety of hardware certification processes. This ensures quality control and legal production of any product using our Video Analytics Software.

Hardware Maintenance

Problems with hardware components are automatically fixed or mitigated. This uses Viseum’s Remote Managed Support (RMS) services software watchdog and self-repair services. Each system configuration is securely backed up with its licence. Each iVOS Camera Controller’s stores a backup on its compact flash card.

Third-Party Product Integration

The built-in Viseum protocol analyser enables integration with any command control equipment. This enhances the performance of any control room operations. Third-party products can also be licensed using Viseum’s Centre of Excellence. They can be integrated using our SDK and APIs. Average timescales for customised integration is 2 weeks. For large-scale systems, this will be 4 weeks. Integrations synchronise with the customer’s agreed project deployment schedule. Viseum will prioritise integrations using a questionnaire covering technical, operational and commercial aspects of your project.

Customisation Developments on Request

The Viseum GUI is very popular and familiar. A selection of GUIs can be used. A customised GUI can be produced. Any PTZ Camera protocols can be supported following quality control and patent licensing.


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