This police officer also said, "The Viseum Intelligent CCTV Tower is the fastest and most effective way to clear up our crime hotspots, because it gives immediate vast coverage just as soon as it reaches the remote site."

CCTV Tower

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower Police Report

 “Our best CCTV Tower”
(Metropolitan Police)

Viseum AiTower™ Public Event Surveillance CCTV Tower


Our rapid deploy CCTV Tower is the world’s best rapid deployment CCTV for fast automated high-security situational awareness. Automatically reporting incidents for rapid response and investigations.


  • More high-quality CCTV surveillance coverage from fewer CCTV Tower deployments. A single rapid deployment camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums.
  • The only CCTV Tower to automatically detect, confirm and follow multiple incidents from short-range to long-range, in all directions up to full 360 degrees at the same time.
  • A completely self-contained CCTV Tower system self-powered for up to 6 months, delivering the strongest temporary security and the strongest CCTV deterrent.
CCTV Tower - Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera

Virtual Gigapixel CCTV Tower

Rapid Deployment CCTV - Technology Introduction

The visual appearance of Viseum’s CCTV Tower operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.



Virtual Gigapixel Mobile CCTV Tower

Viseum’s CCTV Trailer is known as the solution to the problem of wide-area outdoor security, using the Viseum Intelligent Panoramic Security Camera, which is commonly known as a virtual guard, a virtual operator and a virtual gigapixel camera. This highest quality camera significantly out-performs the industry’s other leading megapixel cameras.


CCTV TowerRapid Deployment CCTV Tower -- Mobile CCTV Tower Temporary CCTV


Viseum’s intelligent mobile tower surveillance system is easily moved from one location to the next and becomes fully operational within minutes to provide temporary and semi-permanent surveillance. Each mobile security camera trailer produces more high-quality video evidence than a minimum of 200 installed standard high-resolution fixed cameras and is proven to outperform at least 6 of any other advanced PTZ Camera installations – and without the need for any surveillance monitoring and network infrastructure.

Using the best-in-class intelligent Outdoor PTZ Camera, security organisations are proven to be significantly more productive. A recent endorsement shows that just one CCTV surveillance operator using just 4 Viseum rapid deployment security cameras, produced more results, easier and faster, than at least 20 operators using at least 20 of any other advanced pan, tilt and zoom camera installations.

Redeployable CCTV or Temporary CCTV uses a mobile surveillance column, known as a Rapid Deployment CCTV trailer. The Viseum system is ideal for short-term events, or other temporary security deployments (for example, construction site security). Viseum Rapid Deployment Solutions give you the best value for money for reducing or even eliminating crime, as well as freeing up your staff resource to focus on other security issues. This also results in the reduction, or even the elimination, of your security deployment management and cost headaches.


Viseum® Intelligent CCTV Tower - AiTower™


Rapid Deploy CCTV Trailer Mast

Viseum’s Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers -- Endorsed by the Metropolitan Police Force as their best Rapid Deployment CCTV. 

Remote Site Security -- Before the availability of Viseum’s CCTV Tower, the costs related to other technical solutions to today’s typical surveillance effectively precluded the provision of any protection for the majority of temporary events, crime hotspots, and many other environments which would benefit from rapidly deployed security. This CCTV trailer has overcome all technical constraints to provide effective surveillance even for the most challenging environments.

2 Popular Rapid Deployment CCTV Product Solutions

Automated Intelligent Multitasking CCTV Cameras

Click to see how Viseum UK sponsored the Olympics security for London’s River Thames Olympic Torch Relay.

Built with and for the Olympics Development Agency (ODA)

Rapid Deployment CCTV Intelligent CCTV Trailer

This narrated presentation shows Viseum’s CCTV Tower. Fully operational within minutes for immediate vast coverage.


CCTV Temporary Redeployable CCTV

This narrated presentation shows one of Viseum’s most popular CCTV Towers for semi-permanent surveillance.



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