UK Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury said, “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

Regeneration Schemes

Regeneration Schemes Win Fight Against Crime


London Boroughs Regeneration Schemes – Delivering better results thanks to Intelligent CCTV


Ealing Neil Howard & Stuart Thompson - Regeneration SchemesLondon Council customers of the Viseum 360 Security Camera, deliver such effective results that another TV Interview for the Intelligent CCTV company was given. Comments from London Councils include the following quote: “As part of our commitment to making our communities safer we have recently installed a new surveillance camera known as an Intelligent Monitoring Camera or simply the 360 Security Camera. These cameras move automatically to capture crime and antisocial behaviour without the need for CCTV operators being present.”

“This camera is seen to be constantly monitoring the area and gives the impression that it is being controlled by a CCTV Operator. This provides both reassurance to residents and business owners and a major deterrent to would-be offenders. Our staff also use this camera proactively to provide even greater protection for the surrounding community.”

Drug Deals Automatically Detected

Moments after a drug deal was detected by this automatic camera, the boy on the bicycle was followed, robbed and murdered. Using the evidence automatically captured by this camera, the members of both gangs were then identified, arrested and prosecuted for this and many other offences.

Street DrinkingRegeneration Schemes

Also, “For example, our CCTV managers instruct this camera to look out for potentially aggressive street drinking in certain areas, so that when our staff are busy dealing with other security issues, they can either watch this camera and quickly pass information that it captures over to the police, and/or allow it to move completely autonomously to collect the evidence.”

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