"Viseum's panoramic security camera operates automatically from close to long range and 360°. 24/7 surveillance monitoring but without London's high costs of CCTV surveillance operators."

Event CCTV Security

“Our Best Event CCTV”

Event CCTV Automated High Security…


Event organisers said: “Our Best Event CCTV”. The appearance of the Viseum 360 Security Camera event CCTV constantly protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire event is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.


Public Event CCTV Virtual Gigapixel 360°

Public Event CCTV Camera

Thousands of people protected by JUST ONE Event CCTV Security Camera


Crowds at the legendary Chris de Burgh concert for the BBC’s Proms in the Park were kept safe like no other music fans ever before. Organisers of this concert event used Viseum’s 360 Security Camera to provide event CCTV for the audience and prevent potential trouble in the crowd. This public event security camera can monitor events the size of 4 Olympic Stadiums to look out for potential incidents, all by itself, without human intervention.


Viseum event CCTV for this concert


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Non Privacy Infringing High Security


The Viseum 360 Security Camera is completely automated. A key benefit is that this event CCTV camera system does not infringe anyone’s privacy. It gave reassurance to the audience that they were being actively protected, whilst giving a very strong deterrent to would-be offenders. This 360 Security Camera was only specified on Tuesday prior to what was a Saturday concert, demonstrating the major advantage of these cameras ability to be rapidly deployed. The decision to deploy this event security system came from the Council which, after watching one of their own Viseum 360 Security Camera’s perform excellently while protecting other parts of Salford, they decided to have another one protect this music event. Viseum was immediately able to come up with an event security system for this music concert.



Event CCTV video security systemEstablished Event CCTV System


The costs for conventional CCTV coverage of this event would have been too high and would have taken around 130 traditional CCTV cameras to provide similar coverage, which even then would still not provide the same amount of close-up evidence as a single 360 Security Camera. Danny Hoy, Facilities Manager for Salford City Council, said: “The 360 Security Camera’s six fixed lenses with pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) functions, make it ideal for covering large-scale events. Traditional cameras can only look at a fraction of a space at any one time, unlike Viseum’s event security system which constantly protects the entire area. It also works without the need for an operator, which saves both time and money.”


The Viseum 360 Security Camera is a well-established and proven technology, with research demonstrating a fantastic success protecting music events such as this concert. This added-value in proactive prevention of crime is why an increasing number of organisations, and local authorities, in particular, are turning to the Viseum 360 Security Camera.

Viseum is the owner of the patented invention called the 360 Security Camera, and is responsible for the advanced algorithms that drive these Product Solutions. This Viseum technology was developed to support resource-stretched security organisations. Stuart Thompson, Viseum UK Group President, said: “I am obviously delighted that it’s finding a wide variety of uses and that CCTV is now no longer just an option for large corporates with big security budgets.”

Another key to this event security system’s success is in the fact that it can be pre-programmed to monitor certain activities in some areas, but it will still look out for incidents in the many areas where random crimes might occur. At the Proms concert event, the camera was scheduled to look for any type of crowd surge or incident. Group 4, main show contractors, commented “This system is extremely easy to use and significantly adds to crowd protection. Having any type of CCTV at these types of event is rare. This may now have changed with the introduction of this technology.” Local police comments on this Event CCTV “impressive and certainly very clever technology”, and “amazing!”.

“The BBC had never seen anything like it”, added Stuart Thompson. “It took us a while to explain that nobody was operating it and that there was no danger of us getting in their way as it was totally automated.” The Viseum 360 Security Camera can follow instructions to focus on anything from antisocial disorder, typical crime to terrorism, making it an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with Event Security. Viseum has also showcased its 360 Security Camera at its technology events throughout the UK, where representatives of local authorities, police forces, and commercial organisations could see the 360 Security Camera in action and learn more about what can now be achieved with CCTV for events.

Showing traditional PTZ Cameras to be inferior to Viseum 360 Security Cameras.

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