“This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Face Recognition Software

Face Recognition Software - Police Report

Face Recognition Software National  Security Police Report

Best Face Recognition Software…

“Viseum’s National Security Face Recognition Software will be as essential for daily life, just as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is today.” (Metropolitan Police Force)


Viseum FaceRec Adaptive and Intuitive Face Recognition Software


  • Our Face Recognition Software optimizes any network of CCTV cameras to automatically detect and recognize faces from short to long range, and at greater distances than any other Face Recognition Software.
  • Reliably detect faces with 4 times greater accuracy than any other Face Recognition Software in real-world deployments.
  • Automatically create and grow your secure database of faces and watchlists, from matching just a few hundred faces to recognizing many millions in real time.

Best National Security Face Matching Software – Best Face Recognition Analytics

You can also use our unique 360° Long-Range Panoramic Security Camera – The only CCTV camera to automatically capture and analyze faces from short to long range and in all directions, at the same time, up to a complete 360° of highly populated complex and challenging environments.  It uniquely follows people until their faces are captured, to recognize faces of high-risk suspects, even when they approach CCTV cameras and consistently hide their identity. From just one Viseum camera installation:

There are virtually unlimited national security and surveillance applications when trained to use Viseum F3 cross-checking software operating with Viseum FaceRec.” (Viseum UK Group President)


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Face Recognition Software – National Security General Use

People can be automatically allocated to and checked against red, black and green security watchlists, for alerting national security staff and to be followed automatically. Example 1 – A VIP or a suspect can be automatically followed through a city, and live reports of incidents and events that may affect them can be sent to the security staff as either alarms or simply as situation awareness. Example 2 – For the most effective and efficient border security, it is critical to have the ability to allow and disallow people and vehicles in or out of certain areas, without creating unnecessary delay. The flow of people, vehicles, face and identity checks through certain areas of a security enterprise using Viseum surveillance solutions, can be optimized based on an effective balance of the site’s day-to-day operations and security threats.


Face Recognition Software Accuracy – Operational Performance

Face Recognition Software

Face Recognition Software Datasheet

Face Matching –  7 pixels between the eyes minimum.

Real-world Test Set Environment –  Matching Accuracy – 99.5%.



National Security Installation – Performance Enhancements

The performance of each installations automated alarm reporting is further optimized with the use of Viseum iVOS Adaptive Deep Learning Algorithms. This enables your CCTV operatives to intuitively characterize alarms to automatically adapt the systems algorithms, their parameters, and thresholds.


Typical High-Security Application – Suspicious Behaviour


Some of our Automated National Security Surveillance Technology Strengths are in uniquely matching people using different visual biometrics, to cross-check this information to their actions, locations and any access control information, and to automatically follow them. Basic Example – A person walking through a customs border consistently hiding their face when passing CCTV cameras. This can be automatically alarmed as high-risk suspicious behaviour, the unique Viseum Panoramic Security Camera automatically follows them to capture and cross-check their faces against databases of wanted suspects.


Face Recognition Software – Proven out in the Field


  1. The Viseum Face Recognition Software was recently tested by a major financial institution in London, who compared Face Recognition Softwareit with another well-known face recognition system they already had in use. This customer highlighted significant advantages, with accuracy, system design and operational benefits of the Viseum iVOS FaceRec software.
  1. For a major international hotel in the UK, the Viseum Face Recognition System was left on 24-hours a day to detect and identify persons entering and leaving the hotel entrance. Viseum iVOS FaceRec automatically captured and re-identified 270,000 facial images during a 3-day period. This matched the hotel’s register of guests with a 97.8% accuracy.
  1. During a shopping mall’s highest seasonal shopping period, Viseum FaceRec successfully re-identified 758 faces from black, white, coloured and all skin variations. Our nearest rivals running the same test in parallel only collected and identified 187 white faces. During this test the customer was so impressed with this capability, a webcam was also attached to the hotel’s ATM machine, and with 100% accuracy, it allowed only the hotel’s residents to use it.

During all of these tests, our iVOS FaceRec software also displayed excellent accuracy for its unique partial face identification capability. For example parts of faces showing but with half-hand coverage or momentary “odd” facial expressions. No other Face Recognition technology can achieve this.

Viseum Face Recognition Software

Some Select iVOS FaceRec Customer References 

Viseum FaceRec software is also currently in use in various parts of the world and in various industry sectors including:


  • Olympics Development Agency (ODA).
  • World Cup Stadiums.
  • MFO (Multinational Force & Observers) – Supervising the implementation of the security of the Peace Treaty between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel.
  • Brazilian Military Police.
  • South African International Hotels.
  • Elbit Systems.


How Viseum Face Recognition Works


Viseum FaceRec System captures images of people, identifies the faces in the image from the full scene and then stores and indexes each facial image. Multiple still-images are captured of each person in order to build a better profile on the database and also for the software to anticipate a changing appearance e.g. glasses, beard, aging, etc.

Our integrated software systems use a web protocol indexing and facial matching platform. This data management expertise allows our Viseum FaceRec Software to automatically identify from the relevant camera anywhere in the network, and open the pre-configured comparison database table of captured images. Whilst aiding network design and operational performance, this also supports enrolling new faces onto the system – during this secure process all registered faces and live captured faces can be investigated to ensure that false system enrollment cannot be allowed.


Viseum Face Recognition Network Capacity CCTV Design


With state-of-the-art cameras, facial recognition software, database technology, and centralized and/or decentralized flexible system architecture, there is no limitation on the number of faces to manage, or size of CCTV network. This allows unlimited databases with an unlimited number of registered faces, to be tracked, logged and managed on the relevant watched lists.


Viseum Facial Recognition Surveillance System incorporates:


Face Recognition CCTV Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° Face Recognition Camera

  • Multiple face matching algorithm cross-checks system – delivering best accuracy.
  • Fast and easy searches of multiple databases at one time.
  • Integrates with the Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera – captures face images up to 100 m and in every direction up to 360°.
  • Automated person identification and re-identification with automated face recognition.
  • Any number of face databases, tracking logs and watchlists.
  • Real-time face detection and indexing from multiple live and recorded video sources.
  • Real-time/offline face matching/enrollment.
  • Secure web reporting capability (text, email, audio/visual alarms).
  • Automatic face assignment.
  • External API available for integration into other systems.
  • Digital Input/Output for face matching event alarms.


Face Recognition National Security Data Protection Law Compliance


Under many countries’ data protection legislation, there requires manual intervention as opposed to a totally automated procedure. Viseum FaceRec allows the user to manually compare faces from the database with the face just captured.


National Security and High-Security – Face Recognition Uses


Viseum’s Face Recognition Software is generally used for high-security threats:


  • Finding and following persons-of-interest or missing persons.
  • Authorised access to highly sensitive and secure areas.
  • Border and Perimeter Surveillance.
  • Bank ID checks (ATM, cash in transit, etc).

Face Recognition Low Light CCTV


 Viseum Intelligent CCTV and People’s Faces The World’s Greatest Weapon Against Crime and Terrorism




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