After seeing Viseum IMC cameras monitoring their perimeter and within the perimeter's compound, a city governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his city without risking the lives of his guards. The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London. "We can have higher levels of safety and security but stop governments snooping on us." “Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

CCTV Product Solutions

Best CCTV Solutions Police Report

 “The best CCTV solutions.”
(Metropolitan Police)


World’s Best CCTV Solutions, CCTV Security Products and Surveillance Systems


We solve our customers’ problems with CCTV security and surveillance.  We develop these solutions with many different types of CCTV Technology. Delivered as easy-to-use plug-and-play Product Solutions. The most popular are advertised on this website. Each Product Solution is designed around these and customised for each project.

Facial Recognition Technology

  Viseum FaceRec™ Facial Recognition Technology changing lives     Viseum’s Facial Recognition Technology uses video analytics for person profiling. Studying people’s facial features, expressions, and micro-expressions. AI technology uses this information to understand a person’s general character, personality traits and behaviours. This is correlated with growing libraries of known facial characteristics and expressions.   Face recognition technology is helping ... Read More »

Long Range CCTV Extreme Distance Camera

  Extreme long range cameras from Viseum®.   Our long-range cameras automatically detect and follow multiple threats. In all directions at the same time. From short range to extreme long range. In complete darkness and all weathers. These distances are delivered with Viseum’s long-range camera: 43 & 78 km 360° thermal heat source detection and following of incidents. 40 km ... Read More »

Video Analytics Software

  Intelligent Video Analytics Software from Viseum®   Automatically catch perpetrators in the act. Or, if not initially using one of Viseum’s Product Solutions, catch them with rapid investigations. Do not waste valuable time. Automatically find and follow people that do not want to be found.   Reliably 4 times greater accuracy than any other Video Analytics. In real-world deployments. From ... Read More »

Face Recognition Software

  AI Facial Recognition Software from Viseum® “Viseum’s facial recognition system has become essential for daily life, just as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).” Viseum iVOS FaceRec™ Human-Centred Face Recognition AI Software Technology Services.   Viseum Facial Recognition Software optimizes any network of CCTV cameras. Automatically detect and recognize faces from short range to long range. Greater distance than any ... Read More »

CCTV Tower

CCTV Tower

  AiTower™ public event surveillance and high-security asset protection – AI CCTV Tower from Viseum®   Viseum® rapid deploy CCTV Tower is the world’s best rapid deployment CCTV for fast automated high-security situational awareness. Automatically reporting incidents for rapid response and investigations.   A single rapid deployment camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. Full 360 degrees high-quality CCTV ... Read More »

Contact Tracing – AI COVID Tracking System

Pandemic Tracking System

  COVID Contact Tracing – Viseum® Pandemic Tracking System     AI Camera – Automatically detect and follow people with high temperature in outdoor populated areas. AI Software – Automatically match times and locations of previous travel using any video and data source.   All companies trading under the brand Viseum UK Group have volunteered to join the fight against ... Read More »

Face Recognition Camera

  Fully automated Face Recognition Camera from Viseum®   Captures 100 x more faces. Over 25 x more usable video. Clears up over 15 x more incidents. Viseum IMC™ Intelligent Moving Camera and Viseum FaceRec™. AI Facial Recognition Software Technology Services: Automatically detect and recognize faces. From short range to long range at greater distance than any other camera. Reliable face ... Read More »

Fisheye Security Camera

Broadcast Quality CCTV Fisheye Security Camera…   Viseum Virtual IMC™ Fisheye CCTV Camera    Easily positioned to cover all required areas. Complete wide-area coverage from just one camera – no blind spots. Used in conjunction with the Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera. The highest quality Fisheye CCTV Camera provides up to fourteen simultaneous electronic Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (ePTZ) and Panoramic ... Read More »

Video Management System (VMS)

Viseum® Intelligent Video Management System   Viseum CiVMS™ Central Intelligent Video Management System uses Viseum iVOS™ Intelligent Video Analytics Software. It is the world’s most future-proofed Video Management System. It optimizes emergency processes and special projects for citywide, nationwide and global Command Control.   Built-in Viseum iVOS™ video analytics software to fully optimize any network of cameras. Automatically detect and ... Read More »

Thermal CCTV Camera

Viseum® Uncooled Thermal CCTV Camera   Viseum IMC Overguard™ The greatest technical advantage against security threats. Automatically protect areas up to the size of New York City in complete darkness and all weather conditions. Up to THREE levels of automated threat detection and confirmation.   The only Thermal CCTV Camera to automatically detect multiple threats. In all directions at the same ... Read More »

360 Security Camera

Best CCTV Camera

  Viseum® fully automated 360 Security Camera   The Viseum IMC™ (Intelligent Moving Camera) is an automated 360° AI multiview & multitasking camera for automated surveillance and high security.     A single 360 Security Camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. More coverage from fewer cameras. Automatically detect and follow incidents. More close-up video evidence. More ... Read More »

Rapid Deployment CCTV

  Our Rapid Deploy Mobile CCTV Trailer is the world’s best rapid deployment solution for fast automated high-security situational awareness. Automatically reporting incidents for rapid response and investigations.   Rapid Deployment CCTV from Viseum®   More high-quality CCTV surveillance coverage from fewer rapid CCTV deployments. A single rapid deployment camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. The ... Read More »

Temporary CCTV

Redeployable Camera – Temporary Security System The only redeployable camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from short range to long range. And in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up video evidence of even before the alarm is raised, it automatically reports ... Read More »

Outdoor PTZ Camera

Best CCTV Camera

  Outdoor PTZ Camera – Fully automated outdoor CCTV security and surveillance   Viseum AiPTZ™ Camera system – 360° Multiview and multitasking PTZ Camera system   More surveillance coverage from fewer PTZ cameras. A single Viseum AiPTZ Camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. Automated 360 Security Camera detection and following of incidents. In all directions at ... Read More »

Perimeter Security Systems

  Fully automated high-security early warning Perimeter Security Systems from Viseum®   It is impossible to see any weak point of Viseum perimeter systems. Creating the strongest visual deterrent. Viseum cameras perform like many security guards are watching each camera and constantly protecting the entire perimeter.   More perimeter coverage with fewer cameras automatically detecting potential intruders. Early warning means ... Read More »

Best PSIM Software

Viseum® PSIM Software Technology Services   Stopping incidents by automatically processing situational awareness information, Viseum PSIM systems save lives and increase business performance. Viseum PSIM Solutions Viseum iVOS Video Analytics Software and the world’s most advanced PSIM Software. Our innovations help our customers automatically collect situational awareness information. They can automatically turn this new intelligence into action. Our software improves ... Read More »

Mobile CCTV

  Viseum® Mobile CCTV Security and Surveillance   World’s best mobile CCTV for security and surveillance – Viseum IMC™ AI CCTV vehicle camera system.   More results with less ongoing costs than any other mobile CCTV vehicle. Or manned remote monitoring services. Or manned guarding patrols. Strongest mobile CCTV deterrent. Change high crime into no crime. More mobile CCTV deployments monitored ... Read More »

Long-Range Wireless Security Camera

Viseum® AiRadio™ Long-Range Wireless Systems Long-range wireless communications of 200 km per wireless transmitter. Long-Range Wireless CCTV Benefits High-quality CCTV video transmitted over the longest range Wireless CCTV. Viseum has perfected the video transmission technique called Real-Time Auto-Balancing. The Viseum 360 Security Camera was also designed to deliver the highest quality images using low bandwidth. It is the only camera in ... Read More »