Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Safe Cities and Roads

Viseum’s multi-billion dollar protected market   The world’s only fully automated and multitasking CCTV security and surveillance cameras. Governments and local authorities endorse others to fund. With holistic benefits:   Some communities contribute through traffic fines and benefit from enhanced public security. Some subscribe to the feel-good factor of the security and benefit from safer roads. Government Public Safety CCTV ... Read More »

From Pilot Installations to 100,000+ Cameras

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Installations   Viseum International is selecting high-end professional personnel and organisations to advertise, sell, supply and support in the next regions for the Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® CCTV service franchise.     “This can start with an installation of just one Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® pilot installation.” (Viseum UK Group President)   Country Remunerations – From pilot installation to ... Read More »

CCTV Nigeria

  Nigeria’s CCTV is supported by Viseum®     The Viseum brand is commonly known for introducing advanced cutting-edge technologies, as trusted plug and play Product Solutions. Nigeria initially benefited from Viseum’s 360 Security Cameras and Video Analytics Software. We are now deploying our long-range cameras for the protection of Nigeria’s critical infrastructure.   Viseum UK Group welcomes Viseum Nigeria ... Read More »

Traffic Management Software

Traffic Management Software

Viseum SafestCities™ Traffic Management Software   Viseum iVOS Traffic™ software enforces more moving and non-moving road traffic violations automatically. No other camera or software can deliver safer roads.   Greater surveillance coverage from fewer road traffic CCTV cameras. Automatically optimize and accelerate revenues with more traffic violations processed by less staff. Delivering the best traffic management for the safest roads. Government ... Read More »

Traffic Enforcement Camera

  Traffic Enforcement Camera delivering the world’s safest roads from Viseum®     More traffic surveillance coverage from fewer traffic cameras. Automatically optimize and accelerate revenues, with more traffic violations processed by less staff. Deliver the best traffic enforcement for the safest roads. Government Public Safety CCTV Fully automated security together with Traffic Management. Viseum’s patented Software Technology Services and ... Read More »