The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London.

$198m Revenues and 100,000+ Cameras

“This community initiative keeps privacy intact and makes us all safer.”

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Installations

Viseum International is selecting high-end professional personnel and organisations for supply and support in the next regions for the Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® CCTV service franchise.

Remunerations – From pilot installation to 100,000 cameras

Premium Brand Franchise Supply MembersCertified Corporate IntegratorsCertified Technology PartnersCorporate Agents

5 Year Revenues


Annual Turnover


Annual Turnover


Annual Commissions

Regions for service deployment in 2019 – 2022

Business and Residential


(Residential services are not deployed in some countries)

United States AmericaMiddle East
Mainland EuropeWest Africa
AustraliaSouth East Asia
South AfricaSouth America

Pilot Installations

Business Pilot – 40 x business units covered by 2 x 360⁰ Viseum IMC Cameras.

Residential Pilot – 90 x homes covered by 3 x 360⁰ Viseum IMC Cameras.

Press Event – Press invitations to all local media including TV, announcing the success of Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® pilot installation. Press packs to include; endorsement quotes from local authorities, quotes from the community and promotional video.

“Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® is a self-funded automated CCTV service that watches everything and everyone. It detects and reports incidents but it does not invade anyone’s privacy. This CCTV Technology step change is: by not relying on CCTV monitoring infrastructures, but automatically performing ‘manned’ 24/7/365, Viseum cameras bridge the very large gaps between, and solves the many intrinsic problems with, manned surveillance, standalone unmonitored CCTV system, and manned guarding.”

Service Deployment

Service delivery processes have been fully optimized to run in parallel with the design and deployment of each pilot installation and subsequent service deployment. Viseum is selecting professionals in these regions to provide the following expertise:


  • Feasibility study.
  • Technical CCTV design architecture e.g. camera locations, communications, regional requirements and commercial input/output.  Some deployments will have Command Control, and others will be completely standalone.
  • Detailed technical design e.g. configuration detail, schematic drawings, project deployment schedules and training programmes.
  • Integration into other security and service infrastructures.
  • Complete end-to-end, on-time installation management.
  • Operational security processes.
  • Support and ongoing training services.
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Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®

This is the original Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® pitch deck attracting some of the world’s wealthiest investors.

With $200m of extra revenues from every 200,000 customers, Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® is just like paying for mobile phone, TV, and broadband, but now better services and feeling safe is all part of the same bundle.