SALES TEMPLATE – Safe City Regeneration Ecosystem

Viseum are patent innovators and international manufacturers of intelligent CCTV solutions. Viseum offers a powerful set of automated CCTV Surveillance features which transform nationals and cities to a new high standard.

We offer trusted solutions to the problems with CCTV surveillance and security. Viseum does not just sell product and is not limited to its existing innovations. Viseum is the only manufacturer that supplies a constant flow of CCTV innovation to remain ahead of criminals with intent. The following are just 2 examples:

1) Problems with Command Control

  • Technical and operational CCTV training and support for security staff is provided separately by each software and CCTV camera vendor.
  • Software and CCTV camera compatibility and in-life issues between the many different software systems and CCTV cameras in command control need cross-company collaboration to resolve.


  • Viseum UK delivers the world’s only all-in-one end-to-end and integrated software system. Optimizing all new and existing legacy CCTV cameras. All security devices and security management processes.
  • The Viseum solution is an advanced feature-rich software platform, designed to harmonise all security assets of a CCTV enterprise.

2) Problems with CCTV cameras

  • All types of CCTV cameras available today miss crucial video information.
  • Each customer has different coverage requirements for their secure areas, and each remote site layout has different surveillance requirements.

This is a general letter template that has proven very successful to introduce Viseum innovation:


The Viseum IMC™ (Intelligent Moving Camera) deals effectively with these issues and requirements:

  • Viseum Software Technology Services address locally targeted security threats.
  • Its hardware is modular to support any remote site’s coverage and surveillance requirements.
  • The camera’s automation makes each installation up and running immediately, with no training or infrastructure needed to get started.

CUSTOMER Safe City Security and City Regeneration

We would like the opportunity to help CUSTOMER eliminate the fear of crime and disorder in the city of CUSTOMER. And regenerate businesses and lifestyles to restore community spirit. We have the experience needed to achieve this. We can equip and train the CUSTOMER with the most advanced and future-proof technical capability. Our knowledge of the intense work and challenges needed to achieve this, will help us optimize the CUSTOMER plans for this success.

We would start this project by looking for the most wanted people in the city. Criminal activity and crime trends will be followed for profiling with associated map locations. Statistics will be produced to follow crime trends, map the success and failure of crime reduction initiatives, identify/profile/follow offenders and define/profile/follow crime hotspots for regions of the city.

Intelligence database building, exploitation and watchlists

Governments and security agencies maintain an intelligence database and watchlists of persons of interest. Also, vehicles associated with criminal or terrorist activity. Viseum’s intelligent systems can automatically contribute to these databases and automatically exploit the intelligence gathered within them. People and vehicles can be automatically allocated to, and checked against red, black and green security lists for alerting security staff, and to be automatically followed. Should a vehicle or pedestrian from the intelligence database appear within a camera network, then the chain of command can be alerted so that intervention, mitigation and intelligence tracking activities can start. For example, a VIP, suspect or missing person, can be followed through a remote site. Live reports of incidents and events can be sent to security staff as either alarms or situational awareness.

Viseum® Red Team/Blue Team Services

Criminals with intent will break through high-security systems. They will avoid CCTV cameras. They will outwit access control systems and manned guarding patrols. To achieve this they constantly innovate their strategies and tactics.

  • We innovate better by listening to our customers.
  • We have a large growing database of attack and defence scenarios.
  • Optimize first responders – automatically detect and follow people during persons of interest search (manhunt):
    • What is the automated detection scenario?
    • What is the best first responding service and action?

Example of initial threat analysis:
Terrorist/insurgent attack and related reconnaissance for:

  • Placement of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) inside and outside critical infrastructure buildings e.g. power stations and airports.
  • Suicide pedestrian IED (SIED).
  • Suicide vehicle-borne IED (VBIED).
  • Building assault.
  • Close quarter assassination or kidnap.
  • Drive-by shootings – small arms/RPG.

The camera system can also be utilised for situational awareness for specific purposes such as:

  • Public disorder and demonstrations.
  • Opportunistic crime and low-level spontaneous violence.
  • Criminality and theft.
  • Kidnap and related reconnaissance.
  • Road traffic management.
  • Traffic flow.
  • Vehicle accidents.

UK Government’s National CCTV Strategy

Viseum UK is the only CCTV Technology provider in the world to successfully meet the UK Government’s latest National CCTV Strategy Recommendations. This report sought Viseum’s internationally patented innovation, to overcome the many long-standing and widely recognized problems with both new and legacy CCTV systems. “Viseum UK surpassed these recommendations in both specification and innovation.”

The world’s only multi-tasking CCTV camera

What this means for our customers is the Viseum camera delivers holistic benefits for multi-agency use. Each Viseum camera can remain being used for its primary task of automatically securing a city, and can also be used at the same time for automatically managing traffic flow. Also, other functions for creating additional revenue streams. Example – automatically managing road violations, and also providing the unique group-shared CCTV service called Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®.

Traffic revenues

A typical major city has more than 10 traffic violation hotspots, where only Viseum technology can optimize the policing of traffic violations. Each site generates over $50 million annual revenues from 2000 multiple types of traffic violations each day. This totals $500 million annual revenues from just these 10 sites.

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® service revenues

All commodity service providers are looking to diversify to increase and protect market share. This service targeting private businesses is the opportunity for them to achieve exactly this. With $200 million of extra revenues from every 200,000 customers, this service can be like paying for energy, communications and insurances, but now feeling safe with the best services all part of the same bundle.

Note: These numbers are from Western economies. Please contract Viseum for revenue amounts for your region.




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