“Our Software Technology Services are the best in the world and with the heightened global demand for our Security and Surveillance Product Solutions it is crucial to focus our key partners.”

Certified Corporate Partners

“A citywide CCTV project can start with a demonstration of just one Viseum camera.”
(Viseum UK Group President)

Security Project Sales Control and Protection

Viseum Disruptive Technology solutions are internationally patented and therefore have no direct competition. This means that when bidding for security projects our technology advantage wins high-end security projects when compared to any other offering. Nobody likes to lose sales especially the larger projects taking years of prospecting. For protection and control over all Viseum sales, Viseum Certified Corporate Partners work on their identified projects and prospects exclusively with Viseum. This not only increases your project wins but also eliminates any loss from competing bidders using alternative suppliers.

Buying cultures are different from region to region, but until now, favorite brand names and vendor relationships have often proved to be more important than a security solution’s actual performance and reliability. However, demonstrations of Viseum solutions show such technically superior distinction that using any competitive technology may compromise the client’s entire security enterprise.


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Viseum Project Wins


If you remain persistent in contacting Viseum Pre-Sales Support to help you identify and win your first Viseum project(s), a typical turnover can be $1 million in your first year. “A recent example – a small-sized project bidder followed Viseum Sales Processes and rejected a tender because of its inferior design – this resulted in generating just over $1 million worth of Viseum business and within just the first 3 months.” (Viseum UK Group President)

When customers handle Viseum technology and see demonstrations of it operating live, they are rapidly convinced that it delivers the best situational awareness in the world and that using any competing technology may, therefore, compromise their security. Each year, Viseum generates in excess of $200 million of international business opportunities for its patented intelligent video security and surveillance solutions. We are on target to at least triple this figure over the next 3 years, and to exploit this high demand we are selecting strategically located successful specialist security businesses to optimize our sales and delivery processes. For this, we are pleased to introduce Viseum’s Certified Corporate Partner Programme in a number of non-competing regions and industry sectors. This initiative is designed to engage and enable selected partners who have the capability and investment appetite to enjoy the rewards of business development and prospecting, and the technical infrastructure to promote and support Viseum’s Product Solutions and services.

For this we will need to understand your sales and support infrastructure and if you can or want to cover your entire region and all of its industry sectors. This is because there is a lot more planning, training, and cost involved than if you just want to focus on one part of your region and one of its industries.

Having been equipped and trained within a month of enrolment, Viseum Certified Corporate Partners are proven to deliver their customers compelling live demonstrations. We frequently find that within the first quarter of exploiting a Viseum starter-pack, the Viseum Certified Corporate Partner can generate its first large-scale Viseum security projects (e.g. citywide surveillance).  Our main objective is to ensure that you remain the most-effective technical assistance for your customer to secure their enterprise from terrorism and other criminal danger. Commitment to this Programme is the fastest and most-effective means for a Partner to generate rapid business growth and a return on their professional association with Viseum.


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Market Opportunities for the Viseum IMC

Viseum-Hudson-YardsOne example of Viseum’s new markets in America

Viseum is ensuring the security for America’s biggest real estate project …ever.
This $20 Billion Hudson Yards project in Manhattan is now under construction.

Each year, security organizations around the world waste millions of dollars, and many thousands of man-hours attempting to pinpoint and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial, viable video evidence from days or even months of stored video footage. Frustratingly, all too frequently these efforts result in nothing more than a lengthy report which apologizes for lack of CCTV evidence available, because the incident did not occur close up to the CCTV camera, or was missed completely because the camera was pointing in the wrong direction.

Viseum not only offers solutions to cameras pointing the wrong way, but also provides instant video management systems to index video evidence and find this information rapidly, and surveillance camera monitoring software to deliver close-up evidence of incidents when needed. Moreover, the Viseum IMC camera is a modular hardware configured multiple camera unit.

It is used to simplify the following deployment options:


  • Retrofits – to replace or upgrade existing permanent installations.
  • Redeployable – for temporary installations such as on street lighting columns.
  • Rapid deployments – using self-contained CCTV trailers for emergency situation awareness or temporary events.

It is designed for the following environments:


  • Large indoor or outdoor wide open spaces.
  • Large indoor or outdoor targeted areas.

It is designed for the following applications:


  • Large populated wide areas.
  • Unpopulated multiple or single attack intruder environments.

It operates as an unmanned standalone camera and can be integrated for operator override when used with:


  • 24/7 monitored central control rooms.
  • Part-time monitored central control rooms.
  • Manned response central control rooms.
  • Mobile observation posts.

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