“Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

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Facial Recognition Technology

  Viseum FaceRec™ Facial Recognition Technology changing lives     Viseum’s Facial Recognition Technology uses video analytics for person profiling. Studying people’s facial features, expressions, and micro-expressions. AI technology uses this information to understand a person’s general character, personality traits and behaviours. This is correlated with growing libraries of known facial characteristics and expressions.   Face recognition technology is helping ... Read More »

Long Range CCTV Extreme Distance Camera

  Extreme long range cameras from Viseum®.   Our long-range cameras automatically detect and follow multiple threats. In all directions at the same time. From short range to extreme long range. In complete darkness and all weathers. These distances are delivered with Viseum’s long-range camera: 43 & 78 km 360° thermal heat source detection and following of incidents. 40 km ... Read More »

Leading the AI analytics market

The Video Analytics Market is forecast to be worth $50.7 billion. Viseum® is ranked higher than IBM, Panasonic, and Siemens.     COVID-19 Impact Analysis of Video Content Analytics (VCA) Software Market 2031 | Key Players Advantech, Viseum, Axis Communications AB, PureTech Systems, IBM, Siemens, etc Published by Market Reports World on August 7, 2023. You can read this report here… ... Read More »

Financial Times reports on Viseum

  Viseum is preparing for its next interviews with the Financial Times   In 2017 the Financial Times reported, “Viseum, a company in North London, identifies people in crowds through social media data.” This resulted in our sales order book growing by 400% in 2018. Viseum Ethical AI is now preparing for its next interviews about its latest innovations.   ... Read More »

AI Face Recognition Social Media Investigations

Face Recognition Social Media Investigations…   Viseum iVOS™ Ethical AI Deep Learning Neural Networks.   People in watchlists can now be automatically cross-checked with major national and international social media platforms and all types of online situational awareness services, such as world and local news. From national security intelligence and criminal databases with the most wanted people in the world, to ... Read More »

Safe City Camera

  Viseum® Safe City Security Cameras   Viseum’s multitasking camera automates security and revenue-generating traffic management. This was a Safe City Camera training day using our Face Recognition Software and Social Media Investigations.   Safe City training day World-leading law enforcement agencies came to see the vast coverage of Viseum’s Safe City 360 Security Cameras. They automatically tracked where people had been, ... Read More »

Missile Detection System

Overguard™ Missile Detection System from Viseum®     This case study is about a war zone in North Africa. Our customer’s requirement was to identify the location of where missiles were being launched to attack their prison. There is a prison inside this airport that is holding ISIS fighters. Insurgents were using missile attacks to help these prisoners escape. All ... Read More »

SALES TEMPLATE – Safe City Regeneration Ecosystem

  This is the Viseum® Safe City letter template. This has proven successful to introduce Viseum innovation. Viseum UK are patent innovators and international manufacturers of intelligent CCTV solutions. Viseum offers a powerful set of automated CCTV Surveillance features which transform countries and cities to a new high standard.   CUSTOMER’S NAME safe city security and city regeneration programme We would ... Read More »

CCTV Surveillance Technology Patents

Major Step Change in CCTV security and surveillance The CCTV and surveillance industry-standard deterrent and automated security and situational awareness   Viseum UK holds CCTV Technology patents that are granted globally for the major step change in CCTV security and surveillance. This invention has solved the many problems with standalone CCTV security systems, manned CCTV surveillance systems and manned guarding patrols. ... Read More »