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Ethical AI CCTV surveillance and data privacy

Patented step change in CCTV surveillance privacy Stronger CCTV security, deeper surveillance and investigations. But with no CCTV privacy concerns. Ethical AI Deep Learning Neural Networks.    Viseum’s CCTV security and surveillance is the patented step change addressing the public’s major concern of CCTV privacy. This patent solves the many problems with standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and ... Read More »

Border Control and Border Security

Border Control and Border Security…   Another World’s First – Viseum iVOS F3™ (Find, Fix, and Follow) Software Technology Services – Tracking where people have been, where they are and where they are going. Early prototypes know as ‘Tag and Track’ and ‘CCTV Tracker’ also supersedes video SmartSearch technologies.    Allow legitimate and disallow unauthorized people and vehicles to cross ... Read More »

From Pilot Installations to 100,000+ Cameras

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Installations   Viseum International is selecting high-end professional personnel and organisations to advertise, sell, supply and support in the next regions for the Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® CCTV service franchise.     “This can start with an installation of just one Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® pilot installation.” (Viseum UK Group President)   Country Remunerations – From pilot installation to ... Read More »

$10m Community SafetyWatch® Fund – Installation Application

“A self-funded, organically grown and privacy-conscious CCTV service. This is truly innovative.” (UK Department for International Trade)   Viseum is investing to expand its multi-billion-dollar protected market. This is for new countries to become part of this service. High crime becomes no crime. Viseum becomes the trusted brand for feeling safe and getting the best from each country’s business and ... Read More »

High Quality CCTV Camera

Outdoor Security Camera

Viseum® is well known for High-Quality CCTV Cameras   The Viseum IMC™ (Intelligent Moving Camera) 360° Multiview & Multitasking Security & Surveillance Camera.   The highest quality camera. The most evidence captured and the largest camera coverage. A single Viseum 360 CCTV Camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. Extended dual evidence for more convictions. Close-up view ... Read More »

Police CCTV Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement Agency   This initiative creates low crime levels where police have previously exhausted crime reduction initiatives. Police forces are trained on how Viseum Video Analytics Software and its unique CCTV cameras are relied upon within just 3-4 months of installation. Now, Viseum’s 360 Security Cameras are used by international law enforcement agencies to train police forces throughout ... Read More »

Safe City CCTV Performance

“The best CCTV performance we have tested.”   Publicised installations of Viseum’s Safe City CCTV Performance.   Viseum’s unique Intelligent Video Analytics Software, and open platform Intelligent Video Management System, uses the unique 360 Security Cameras and all other standard cameras. Our globally-patented Software and Hardware Technology Services need significantly fewer cameras to cover much larger areas than any other CCTV ... Read More »

Safe City Report

Safe City and Infrastructure Security Report   Today the biggest problem that we all face is the risk of crime and Terrorism. Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security.     The world must now prepare for national security risks that most of us ... Read More »

Irish Border Technology

Irish Border Technology – Brexit Backstop Solution…   Brexit and Irish Border Technology – Viseum Ireland AI Technology Event, Dublin.   Technology for the Irish border mitigating the Brexit backstop. Manage Irish border crossings without technology installed at the border for security checks. Seamlessly allow legitimate and seize unauthorised people, vehicles and goods crossing the Irish border without delay. Viseum Ireland ... Read More »

CCTV Camera Saudi Arabia

Best CCTV Camera for Saudi Arabia   “Viseum is a product that we talk about daily to our customers” (Saudi Arabia’s CCTV Camera Integrators). This quote was from success with Viseum 360 Security Cameras and Viseum representatives supporting CCTV Camera Saudi Arabia exhibitions. Saudi Arabia’s Security exhibitions are usually unexciting with simply nothing new to see and with each vendor showing off ... Read More »