The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London.


Viseum Invests $10m in Community SafetyWatch® Fund

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Watch this video on YouTube This is the original presentation attracting some of the world’s wealthiest investors. Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Service – $10 Million Fund  We are happy to invest this amount to expand this multi-billion dollar protected market. By attracting new nations and supply partners for this new business and residential community service, crime is eliminated and Viseum ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Introduction Programme

Viseum CCTV Technology Introduction Programme… The Viseum Brand is commonly known for introducing the world’s most advanced CCTV Technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions.  This programme shows the practicalities and economics of bringing the world’s highest value disruptive technologies to market. It optimizes the many levels of complexity and advanced technical and management training, to ensure that our customers are not overwhelmed at the beginning with too many new technologies. It ... Read More »

Intelligent CCTV Demonstration Equipment

World’s Best CCTV Security and Surveillance Camera Viseum Panoramic Security Camera – Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC)   Viseum has optimized its sales for the growing market demand for its Product Solutions with optimised time and investments for there supply and use. The first phase of this innovation uses Viseum’s LEVEL 1 demonstration equipment which introduced our unique Phased Technology Introduction Programme.   The visual appearance of the ... Read More »

CCTV Innovation

Value of Viseum UK CCTV Innovation… Value Philosophy of CCTV Innovation The value of having enough video during emergencies is priceless. The value of an organization’s entire security enterprise is openly seen throughout high profile incidents and investigations.   Viseum’s competing manufacturers will NOT have any CCTV Innovation. They will typically use a rebranded software pack and a camera for general ... Read More »

Viseum Sales Network

Viseum Sales Network – CCTV Technology Introduction Programme Viseum has optimized its sales for the growing market demand for its Product Solutions. The first phase of this innovation uses Viseum’s LEVEL 1 demonstration equipment which introduced our unique Phased Technology Introduction Programme, with optimised time and investments for its supply and use. Our end users immediately realize security improvements with holistic savings, and this secures repeat and ongoing business. A ... Read More »

CCTV Standards and CCTV Accreditation

British CCTV Standards Certify International CCTV Accreditation To consistently deliver success throughout your entire security enterprise, your CCTV cameras and software systems must be the highest quality, perform to the highest CCTV Standards and hold the most reputable CCTV Accreditation. High-End CCTV Security For any type of threat or disaster, video footage of before, during and after an incident is critical for the ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Strengths

Some of Viseum’s Surveillance Technology Strengths Viseum introduced Video Analytics Software to the world. Our International Patents are testament to us developing and supporting video surveillance technologies for far longer than any other organisation in the world. Viseum Surveillance Technology strengths help mitigate all threats across the spectrum: from antisocial behaviour and petty crime to serious assaults, criminal activity and terrorism. We have no realistic ... Read More »

Viseum Sales Training

“With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance Product Solutions, it is crucial to focus our sales on customers who need Viseum the most” and “Viseum does not quote under any conditions where we are not confident of the sale.” (Viseum Group President) Viseum is optimising its market lead by selling its Security and Surveillance Product Solutions as ... Read More »

Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy, CCTV Design and Test Expertise. Our security consultancy and CCTV design services provide trusted advice and the most effective customised CCTV security solutions, to cover all areas of concern, and also the unexpected routes of attack. Criminals with intent will carefully choose their moment to break through access control systems; they will outwit manned guarding patrols, and will evade the many ... Read More »


This page of our website holds Viseum sales collateral to help generate and win Viseum sales. This includes brochures, Product Solution Datasheets, PowerPoint presentations (many audio narrated videos) and White Papers, etc. The content of all these files are regularly updated, weekly or at least monthly, with more information and better sales messages taken from our most recent customer’s. General Brochures Viseum Technology ... Read More »