After seeing Viseum IMC cameras monitoring their perimeter and within the perimeter's compound, a city governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his city without risking the lives of his guards. The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London. "We can have higher levels of safety and security but stop governments snooping on us." “Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Government, Police and Defence

Video Analytics Software –  Police Report

People Tracking and Vehicle Surveillance

Viseum is well known for being at the forefront of the security industry for introducing high-end cutting-edge CCTV technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions. The police and local authority sectors are major key strengths of the Viseum UK security business, with the technical performance and reliability of our security solutions producing the most effective surveillance to protect citizens and visitors to towns and cities.


These near 2-minute videos are recommended to play in full-screen on a large display. There is no voice narration because they are receiving the best impact without i.e. explaining the many security systems and technologies all working together over-complicates the presentation.

Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV Training


Border Control and Border Security - Viseum Global F3 National and International Security

Facial Recognition Software is a new commodity product and therefore often procured with price competitive tendering, in which Viseum does not participate. During border crossings, it is therefore common for legitimate travellers to fail face recognition but then pass interviews with border security personnel.

GIS CCTV and Security Surveillance System Situational Awareness People Surveillance PSIM Software


Suspicious Behaviour

Some of our Surveillance Technology Strengths are to uniquely identify people through different visual biometrics, to cross-reference this information to their actions, locations and any access control information, and to automatically follow them. Suspicious Behaviour requires Viseum iVOS F3 adaptive people surveillance algorithms. Basic Example – A person walking through a customs border hiding their face with their head down, or looking around for cameras looking at them, or an amalgamation of each of these scenarios, or a group of people doing similar. All of these actions can be automatically detected as either no risk or automatically alarmed as suspicious behaviour. This can also be aided by integrating with world and local news services and social media communities. By automatically analysing local and global news with other situational awareness, suspects can be automatically located and followed by using adaptive geospatial algorithms.

Border Entry Security and Surveillance

For the most-effective and efficient border security, it is critical to have the ability to allow and disallow people and vehicles in or out of certain areas, without creating unnecessary delay. The flow of people, vehicles and face checks through certain areas of a security enterprise using Viseum surveillance solutions, can be optimized based on an effective balance of the sites day-to-day operation and security threat. People and vehicles can be automatically allocated to and checked against red, black and green security lists, for alerting security staff, and to be automatically followed. For example, a VIP or a suspect can be followed through a remote site, and live reports of incidents and events can be sent to the relevant security staff as either alarms or simply as situational awareness.

Perimeter Surveillance Security

Our perimeter surveillance security solutions are superior because unlike all other perimeter surveillance, criminals are unable to detect or locate a weak point of Viseum’s intelligent perimeter surveillance. This is because all Viseum Intelligent Moving Cameras operate as if they are constantly manned. The technical performance and reliability of Viseum Intelligent CCTV security solutions produce the most effective surveillance suite in order to deter warn and mitigate against the threat of security breaches.

Surveillance with Access Control Systems

Viseum surveillance technology can be digitally integrated into the customer’s existing or new access control system. Viseum access control systems integration can automatically allow permitted people/vehicles to move about protected areas relatively freely, and can automatically disallow others. Security staff can remotely open, close and lock doors and to be aware of all access events as they occur in real time. All such events will automatically be date/time logged against relevant CCTV recordings in order to present a coherent chain of events and if necessary evidence for investigations and/or prosecution.

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