UK Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury said, “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

Safe City Report

Safe City Report

Safe City – Police Report

Safe City and Infrastructure Security Report


Today the biggest problem that we all face is the risk of crime and Terrorism. Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security.


Safe City Report

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The world must now prepare for national security risks that most of us assume “would not happen to us”. Governments now have to accept this could happen to any of us, anywhere and at any time. This Safe City Report shows just some of the serious security threats in and around a city. Viseum UK is now helping mitigate these risks as part of Safe City initiatives:



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Airport Security

Airport Security is one of Viseum UK’s strongest growth markets. The entire airport site is protected with the higher level of security as always, but using the Viseum’s video analysis software, such as, iVOS F3 (Find, Fix and Follow) and Viseum iVOS FaceRec face recognition software, each person’s location, and actions can be found and followed in both real-time and retrospectively, delivering the safest available travel. Viseum technology demonstrations convince customers that they can optimize their entire security estate. They can improve the performance of their entire security operation and save significant staff training costs.

Security risk until Viseum’s Red and Blue Team Services have been used. Many international airports only plan for low-level security risks that they have experienced locally. They still do not plan for anything like the unexpected terrorist attack. This could have catastrophic consequences.

Temporary Public Events

Another strength of the Viseum camera technology is its rapid deployment CCTV capability. Viseum intelligent mobile CCTV Towers regularly protect events such as concerts and major public events. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is Ireland’s main annual public event. 70,000 people come to celebrate this festival and watch the parade. Just 5 trailer-deployed Viseum cameras protect this event and the people who watch it.

Security Risk – The only suspicious activity reported is the presence of a number of suspicious-looking people. The Viseum cameras automatically report them. This is because they spend more time during this event watching the Viseum cameras looking back at them. Investigations into these people’s behaviour revealed how they appeared to be extremely interested in the Viseum cameras. How just 5 of these cameras were protecting the crowds. Also how the Viseum cameras targeted them because they were studying the Viseum cameras.

Infrastructure Security

Power Plant Security

One of Viseum UK’s first security projects to protect power plant infrastructure was in the Middle East. The first remote site was a newly built gas turbine power plant. Heightened security was needed from the outset to protect the site’s perimeter. Also, approaches to the perimeter from all directions at extreme distances. The Viseum cameras were also needed for surveillance of inside the plant. The ideal solution was to use Viseum’s long-range Thermal and Radar IMC operating in conjunction with Viseum’s Counter Drone Systems.

Water Services

Viseum is helping protect the water supply, water quality and sewerage system. This is for a water supply organisation in the eastern hemisphere. They have 2 million customers and over $12 billion worth of assets. Over 400 remote locations, each with multiple access points and very few with any on-site infrastructure. Viseum technology, with its customised solar power modules and secure long-range wireless broadband, was the only feasible solution. The initial inspection of these remote sites revealed obvious signs of illegal trespassing and contamination. The meter boxes at many sites were vandalised. Many with water valve damage each costing $15,000 to repair. The head of security for this organisation said, “The Viseum camera is an exciting product and something we have long been looking for.”

Security risk until Viseum Red and Blue Team Services have been used. Many water service organisations do not have sufficient security protection. Water contamination could have catastrophic consequences for entire populations.

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Situational Awareness

Viseum’s overt cameras are the strongest available deterrent for criminal activity. This is because they appear to be constantly manned by CCTV operators. Viseum solutions can also give the customer complete situational awareness and control over each individual security threat. As well as each scenario’s development and outcome. Security staff can be confident of an early security alarm. They can be fully primed to intervene and warn off a suspect. Or, at a moment of their choosing, they can help apprehend the perpetrator.


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One of our first installations for prisons was for the Irish Prisons Service. This prison’s primary security requirement is to keep prisoners inside the compound perimeter. They needed better CCTV coverage, giving greater accuracy and earlier warning of inmates approaching too close to the boundary.

The primary requirement for this was a cost-saving and security improvement. The customer quickly realised that their cameras can now do more than just one security task at a time. This customer now also uses Viseum cameras for surveillance of inmates’ circulation within the compound. Just one application is for automatically detecting the smuggling of drugs and cigarettes.

Access Control Systems

Viseum’s integration with access control systems can automatically allow permitted people and vehicles to move about protected areas. It can automatically disallow others. Security staff can remotely open, close and lock barriers, gates and doors. They can be made aware of all access events as they happen in real-time. All events can be automatically date/time logged with video recordings. This can present a chain of events and provide evidence for investigations.

Construction Site Security

This market grew from Viseum’s involvement in the UK’s construction industry and, in particular, the protection of asset storage facilities. Another was for the new $20 billion project in Hudson Yards in Manhattan USA. This construction project urgently needed extensive security coverage for its rapidly expanding real estate perimeter. The Viseum solution was a natural choice. New capabilities of Viseum IMC cameras are easily understood. Additional requirements are then included. This is to automatically detect, confirm, count and index people and vehicles entering in their remote sites.

Viseum Hudson Yards - Safe Cities ReportOne example of Viseum’s new markets in the USA

Perimeter CCTV Surveillance Security

Our perimeter surveillance security solutions are superior because unlike all other perimeter security systems, criminals are unable to detect or locate a weak point across the whole boundary. This is because all Viseum camera points operate as if they are constantly manned. The technical performance and reliability of Viseum Intelligent CCTV security solutions produce the most effective surveillance equipment and software to deter, warn and defend against the threat of security breaches.

Security Risk – The cost of construction plant theft was around £1.5 million a week in the UK. Construction site theft cost builders in the USA a staggering $1 billion a year. Construction sites were inadequately protected. This loss has dropped significantly. It is expected to half over the next 3 years.


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