Counter Drone Systems

Viseum Counter Drone Systems

Military Grade Security “Outstanding performance” (Senior Officer RAF)

Developing counter drone systems is a constant high-tech war against crime, terror and insurgency. Each counter drone system uses different tactics and strategies depending on the many types of drone technology used, distances, terrain, weather, operational timescales, the assets being protected, and many other variables.

Viseum AI Radar – Anti-Drone Dual Radar

Viseum’s most successful counter drone system has multiple anti-drone radars using 3D precision radar modelling and artificial intelligence. This counter drone system provides the highest technical advantage for defending insurgent attack using drones.  It is a counter drone system that helps prevent attack from land and air at the same time and detects drones and drone operators through smoke, dust, clouds, and fog and provides the drone and drone operators’ GPS coordinates.


Counter Drone Systems Datasheet

Drone Operator Location Detection

Overlapping multiple deployments will also detect drone operator locations with greater accuracy. As a popular deployment just 3 x Viseum AiRadar systems can protect an area the size of 550 km². When the alarm is raised from a remote location, Viseum AiRadars are rapidly deployed on vehicles to protect many 100’s of remote sites from attack from both land and air.

Multiple Drone Attack

Multiple drone targets are handled well using the Counter Drone System’s artificial intelligence and its 3D precision radar modelling.  This means it can detect and counter multiple drone attack from land and/or sea, and at the same time.



Ignore Birds to Confirm Drones

Crucially so that more time can be optimized to counter the threat from hostile drones, the anti-drone system’s AI and 3D modelling are also used to identify the difference between birds and drones.

Counter Drone Systems – Training and Support

Insurgents change their strategies and innovate. Viseum’s strength is remaining ahead of insurgents by innovating better with the customer. We provide dedicated engineers for ongoing counter drone systems design, using our high-tech anti-drone radar team and highly expert innovators. This counter drone system’s training and support services are growing an extensive database of drone types and models, and anti-drone radar strategies, techniques and tactics.



Facial Recognition Drone

With Viseum’s clear lead in face recognition software and the only face recognition software to detect faces at distance, Viseum is now perfecting drone face recognition ahead of all other competition.


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