As internationally patented, our network of partners introduce Viseum technologies to new regions and industries to displace established technologies. Some of the world’s other examples are; The Internet and the PC.

CCTV Innovation

CCTV Innovation

CCTV Innovation


Viseum® CCTV Innovation and value philosophy


Places, where people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. But these areas have always been the most technically problematic to deliver security. Also, the value of an organisation’s security enterprise is openly seen throughout high-profile incidents and investigations. During these emergencies, the value of having enough quality video is priceless.


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Viseum’s CCTV Innovation now justifies the economics for investing in preventing incidents. Viseum’s competing manufacturers will NOT have any CCTV Innovation. They will typically use a rebranded software pack and camera for general use. This software and hardware will be used for both demonstration and security project deployment. In contrast, examples of Viseum’s security project value philosophy are:


Viseum’s Software Technology Services


Viseum CCTV Innovation delivers success for its customers by providing customised Software Technology Services. For each security project, Viseum software developers are selected for their expertise and skillsets. These professionals will apply the most suitable Video Analytics Software algorithms from Viseum’s technical library. Also, modifying these for each customer’s technical requirements.


“Viseum CCTV Innovation is purchased throughout the world where the potential impact of disorder, criminal or terrorist activity upon public safety, commercial profit or national infrastructure is judged as being unacceptably high.” (UK senior military officer).


Pilot installations

This is before the first phase of project deployment. Viseum will put more resources into designing, delivering and supporting the crucial pilot installation stage. This includes more customised improvements needed to deliver success. This is from initial tests and after the customer learns of more capabilities.

Viseum security project – Installation and ongoing support

Competing manufacturers make their profits from selling low-cost products at high volume, known as ‘box-shifting’. Viseum delivers Product Solutions with ongoing support and training, and with a Continuous Innovation Programme. All of these ongoing services are crucial for our customers to remain ahead of the criminal and minimise operational overheads.

Viseum’s most popular Safe City deployment

Typically used for pilot installations. Project deployments are scheduled with customer availability for training and support. Viseum’s Phased Technology Introduction Programme is the most effective way to deliver the customer’s necessary security successes.

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Results of philosophy

UK DTI Best Of British Innovation 2006

UK DTI best of British Innovation 2006

Viseum’s International Patents for its CCTV Innovation are testament to Viseum developing and supporting Face Recognition Software for much longer than any other organisation. Our expertise in delivering face recognition success is from experiences gathered over this longest period of time. We have evaluated all other face recognition software providers that are established in the market. All of these suffer from this industry’s generally known problems. None of them has the ability to customise their software. Viseum is the first to overcome these problems for each customer’s site operations.

This naturally makes Viseum iVOS FaceRec Software and Camera Hardware Technology Services the very best in the world. In all like-for-like comparison tests. Customers come to Viseum when they are looking for the best. Or, when they have tested other solutions that have not delivered results.

General results:

  1. Organisations come to Viseum to improve security and reduce operational expenditure. London’s Metropolitan Police came to Viseum because they wanted to reduce missed opportunities from CCTV operator fatigue. They also needed to save man-hours in redeploying and re-adjusting camera positions.
  2. The bridges and tunnels authority of one of America’s most populated cities came straight to Viseum to design a Face Recognition system. They wanted to collect people’s faces from inside vehicles, and at motorway speeds, and without affecting the traffic flow. With such a security-conscious customer and a challenging security application, Viseum was the safest choice.

Operational performance – Security checkpoints

Our security project design expertise is highlighted again when optimizing its systems for operational success. For the most efficient flow of people and vehicles. They must be allowed and disallowed in and out of certain areas, without creating delays. For the flow of people and vehicles through areas of a security enterprise. Viseum surveillance solutions are optimized based on an effective balance of the site’s day-to-day operations and security threats. This means that the design of computer processing and the flow of data is optimized for real-time live operation. To increase security performance and minimise traffic flow interruptions.

This operational security success includes when and what information to send. A first responder can be sent details and images of a suspect to their smartphone. They can be given operational instructions to follow or apprehend them. Or in contrast, a top-level security manager could be sent the status of a VIP travelling through their city.

CCTV Innovation without strong Red Team Testing (your security system’s penetration testing) is completely ineffective against criminals with intent, and they will not be deterred.

When criminals have intent they will innovate. They will carefully choose their moment to attack. They will avoid the many different types of high-security, standalone and surveillance operator monitored CCTV systems. They will break through access control systems and outwit manned guarding patrols.

Viseum Intelligent CCTV automated surveillance technology helps deliver the world’s best security. By giving the largest and most productive return on investment. It optimizes security personnel. By automatically monitoring events. Reporting threats, and remembering the locations of registered and unregistered people and vehicles.

Everyone expects and deserves the right to live and work where it is safe and secure. Those who seek to undermine security for misguided personal, criminal or ideological reasons must be deterred, detected, disrupted and held to account. It is, expected of public bodies, governments and commercial organisations to protect their communities, property, staff and customers from harm. Failure to do so can have a strategic impact on public confidence, business profits and organisational reputation.

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Security risk and assessment

Security measures must be appropriate to the environment and the threat. There is always a concern with security expenditure and commercial investment. Many organisations under-assess the potential threat. They choose to meet the minimum security requirements demanded by their insurance policy. Using low-tech CCTV cameras and ineffective security systems. They will also leave themselves vulnerable to disorder, criminal and terrorist threats.

Viseum security and surveillance innovations are designed for organisations that understand the potential threat spectrum. And those who demand the very best protection against tactical events that might have strategic consequences. Using our unique, globally patented and constantly evolving technology. Viseum delivers unparalleled levels of confidence and situational awareness for security staff, within complex and populated environments. Enhancing their decision-making and first response services on the ground.

Confidently deterring, detecting and disrupting potential troublemakers whilst providing forensic video evidence of their activities within busy commercial complexes, shopping malls, streets, airports, etc., demands extremely sophisticated technology. Customers can be assured that by investing in Viseum intelligent security and surveillance systems, they will benefit from revolutionary security performance that is over 6 times more efficient than its closest rival. Moreover whilst providing better security, the Viseum automated 360-degree Security Camera uses fewer cameras, attracts lower support costs and reduces security staff overheads. Making Viseum security solutions the very best value for money in every respect.

CCTV Innovation

Countrywide savings example

Revolutionary multitasking 360° CCTV security cameras set to slash £64 billion UK crime bill

Viseum launched a study to help identify how much its intelligent CCTV security cameras could save individual communities and the massive positive effect these CCTV surveillance schemes could have on government budgets around the world. The initial study indicates the likely savings for the overall UK economy. From just 10 field installations where Viseum outdoor surveillance camera deployments have been publicised, the intelligent multitasking CCTV cameras have made a significant impact on crime statistics, completely removing previous problems. Click here for case studies of Viseum CCTV surveillance systems in use.

Establishing just how much the UK will save on its crime bill is the purpose of Viseum UK’s new study. In fact, this tracking research proves that the best-in-class Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) technology is set to save the UK economy £ billions a year. Its widespread deployment across the UK is also ensuring Home Office recommendations on crime detection and prevention are supported. And is also assisting local authorities and law enforcement agencies to hit their targets.

In 2008, UK Government statistics showed crime cost the UK economy some £64 billion. More worryingly, a more recent independent study indicates this cost has increased and is now running at a staggering £78 billion per year. Stuart Thompson, Viseum UK Group President, and the inventor of the Viseum outdoor surveillance camera technology said, “By not relying on CCTV monitoring infrastructures our cameras have proved to help security schemes capture 25 times more usable evidence than any other manned solution. That is a massive incentive both socially and economically for local authorities and other government agencies. To provide protection to many populated wide-area problem public spaces. This CCTV surveillance solution is set to save £ millions.”

Viseum has launched savings calculators to help identify just how much money a single IMC will save each particular community suffering from specific crimes and antisocial problems. In fact, Viseum will be encouraging members of the industry to take part in supporting our study, or challenging these numbers. In return for the industry’s input, we will be offering a significant financial incentive – in addition to these projected savings.

Even when calculated highly conservatively, the clear-up rate for Viseum outdoor surveillance cameras from obtaining close-up evidence-quality video is 70%. Viseum aims to clear up more than 7 out of 10 populated wide-area incidents. The story gets even stronger, however, as Viseum can report that the IMC is actually achieving nearer a 100% problem clear-up rate. To take part in the UK CCTV study, or engage with Viseum about potential cost savings in your Community Regeneration with our intelligent CCTV surveillance monitoring solutions, call or email using the contact details on this website.