The Head of CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

CCTV Security Training

CCTV Training from Viseum…

Operational CCTV Training – Optimize the world’s best CCTV deterrentThe Highest levels of CCTV Support

The Viseum CiVMS is the world’s most advanced video management system, and the most full and complete Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM). For the best situational awareness, it uses the best-in-class security features and devices, e.g. the Viseum IMC Camera, all other major brands of security and surveillance cameras and audio devices, the world’s most intelligent analytics, face recognition and ANPR systems, the best smoke detection, access control systems, vehicle bomb detection, and land/sea/person radars, and Counter Drone Systems, etc.

The number of people attending our CCTV Training will depend on our initial research for delivering your objectives. We will need to understand the operational processes, staff working hours/shift patterns, and existing skillsets. The number to be trained is not restricted, and the result will ensure the project is optimized for success.

Viseum CCTV Training Operational Process:


Providing a full technical training session of the Viseum CiVMS factory settings at the start of purchase may overcomplicate the customers first time experiences of the Viseum CiVMS. The most effective training process is delivered by your local Viseum Certified Corporate Integrator in Tri-Partnership with the Customer and Viseum in this general way:


  1. We will provide a basic demonstration of the customers Viseum Product Solution that is specific to their security requirement.
  2. We will train the customer to use, test and explore the Viseum CiVMS. This will use the factory settings and intuitive user interface as presented during the demonstration. Each screen, feature and mouse-right-click-parameter is positioned where the customer would expect them. This CiVMS testing will also have non-essential (optional) technical training manuals and videos.
  3. Once the customer has used the Viseum CiVMS for several days, the customer will be aware of the Viseum CiVMS unique capabilities and will have questions and additional requirements to optimize their Viseum CiVMS and their use of it.
  4. At this stage, a Training Workshop will be given to understand the Customer’s exact requirements. This delivers the most-effective security and surveillance success. We customise the Viseum CiVMS and develop a complete Viseum Certified Training Package.
  5. This complete Viseum Certified Training Package will then be delivered to those who are non-technical. Also if they are unfamiliar with its method of operation and potential.

This CCTV Training is also in line with Viseum’s Standard Phased Technology Introduction Process and Viseum First CCTV Camera Installations Process and Command Control Training Service. This initial service will deliver:


  • Training manuals and PowerPoint Presentation with very easy videos to clearly show every task needed. The terminology will be very easy to understand in English and to be translated into other languages.
  • A very easy quick start user guide in the form of a very clear Durable Pocket Manual.

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These photos are of the Viseum UK Group President Stuart Thompson, personally supporting operational CCTV Training for the Royal Malaysia Police in time for their recent political rally.

Online Operational CCTV Training:


Once the Customer becomes Viseum Certified in this way Viseum will make available its online training service. These online training services can be delivered as a one-time training course or at a frequency suitable for the customer (from to quarterly or yearly) depending if the customer wishes to start, maintain or increase their Viseum Certified Security Training level.

Viseum CCTV Training Testimonials:


We train our Riot Police within 1 to 2 years on new products. It is impressive to see how Viseum has optimized this process to take 1 – 3 months” (Britain’s Largest Police Force Surveillance Operations Trainer). AND “By the time we have detailed our question to Viseum Remote Support Services we have usually already answered it ourselves” (UK CCTV Manager).

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Downloads for Operational CCTV Training: