Viseum’s credentials as problem solvers - This historical endorsement is from the leading influencers of UK CCTV practices. Encouraging the start of new markets for groups of business and residential communities.

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London Police CCTV

Viseum supported the Metropolitan Police Force to train their staff using one of their redeployable Intelligent Moving Camera installations in the field as an example. This camera had captured close-up evidence that would have been missed by any other camera, of a gang throwing stones and smashing residents’ windows. The evidence was played to all the local police who looked at each other with delight saying “this camera is perfect”. As they watched the captured video they recognized and were able to name all the individuals involved.

The Police Sergeant who manages this particular area said, “with various crime reduction initiatives they have managed to make a real difference to problem communities all over the Borough, but with this particular community nothing made a difference until this camera was installed”. He also commented “no other camera would have captured this evidence” and “The Viseum camera has made a much bigger impact on the public than any other camera” and “Having this camera looking like it’s being manned is priceless”.

London Borough’s Community Regeneration

Shopping High Street Regeneration

One of our first Inner City London Council customers of the Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera.

A recent comment by a London Council “As part of our commitment to making London safer we have recently installed a new CCTV camera known as an Intelligent Moving Camera or simply Viseum IMC. These cameras move automatically to capture crime and antisocial behaviour without the need for CCTV operators being present. This camera is seen to be constantly monitoring the area and gives the impression that it is being controlled by a CCTV Operator. This provides both reassurance to residents and small business owners and a deterrent to would-be offenders. Our staff also use this camera proactively to provide even greater protection for the surrounding community. For example, our CCTV managers instruct this camera to look out for potentially aggressive street drinking in certain areas, so that when our staff are busy dealing with other security issues, they can either watch this camera and quickly pass information that it captures over to the police, or allow it to move completely autonomously to collect the evidence.”

Chester City Council Community Regeneration

Village Regeneration Shopping Parade

Trial of a new Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera product prototype. Another like-for-like comparison with a “manned” surveillance camera. The Viseum IMC system not only captured all reported incidents but also a number of crimes that would have gone unnoticed by any other solution – amongst others, this included a late night disturbance of gangs fighting (the ringleaders were later expelled from the area under ASBO injunctions), and a drunken gang of youths who trespassed onto the council library’s roof to throw stones down at the public. Chester City Council publicly endorsed Viseum IMC technology by releasing their findings for publication with a number of the industry’s major security trade journals.

Luton Borough Council Community Regeneration

Housing Regeneration

A well-publicised test for the Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera technology. A like-for-like comparison between a Viseum IMC Camera and the council’s manned CCTV infrastructure. Over a one year period, even in its prototype stage, the Viseum IMC caught crucial evidence of all reported incidents and also several unreported ones, but the manned CCTV infrastructure didn’t catch anything until the Viseum IMC was integrated into the CCTV control room.

Luton Borough Council endorsed their confidence in the use of Viseum in several ways, including an official letter, their own publicity (which lead to Viseum’s publicity with national TV and tabloid press), and their offer to discuss Viseum with others who want to learn of its benefits.

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