As internationally patented, our network of partners introduce Viseum technologies to new regions and industries to displace established technologies. Some of the world’s other examples are; The Internet and the PC.

Viseum SafestCities™ Operational Savings

Viseum Safe City CCTV Saving Billions


Our Safe City CCTV Case Studies show how our disruptive technologies make significant savings and strengthen security.


“This security success is also very important to the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime

Savings from operational crime-fighting overheads

Security organisations throughout the world spend millions each year, trying to collect suitable video. They search through days or even months of recordings for just a few seconds of crucial video information. The vast majority of these efforts result, daily, in lengthy reports about why the video could not be used. This is because the incident did not happen close up to the camera. Or it was missed completely because the PTZ Camera was pointing the wrong way.

Viseum has developed operational crime-fighting savings calculators. Produced with the security professionals who designed, built and managed London’s Metropolitan Police Command Control. The calculations used for these savings are based on real-life examples when using Viseum’s 360 security Camera. From field installations in and around the United Kingdom:

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Safe City Savings and Next Best Purchase Comparison

The patented Viseum security design is the most cost-effective. It protects more people, vehicles and other assets of a remote site than any other solution. We estimate that in order to compete with the coverage, level of high security and situational awareness that Viseum offers, a competitor would have to quote at least triple. This is for what will still remain an inferior solution for effective coverage, technical performance and reliability. This figure also excludes the extreme costs for installation and 24/7/365 monitoring of the many cameras needed to deliver similar security coverage using inferior solutions.

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Safe City Savings – Crime Clear Up and Crime Prevention

Safe City Savings from Regional Costs of Crime

Viseum cameras clear up at least 70% of crime in complex and challenging environments. The following formula can be used to estimate the savings. This is in relation to the cost of crime and to support the business case for a Viseum solution:

Possible savings using Viseum = Region’s costs of crime in complex and challenging environments x 0.7

Example results for a typical cosmopolitan city:

  • If typical costs of crime are just $3,000 per crime (Just one alcohol-related street fight typically costs a community $8,000+. This includes average costs for police, ambulance and hospital. Also other associated average intangible costs such as fear and inconvenience caused by just one such offence).
  • If the typical number of crimes per year is 20,000, then the total costs of crime are $60 million per year.
  • Possible savings using Viseum = $60 million x 0.7 = $42 million per year.
  • If just 50% of this crime occurs where Viseum camera systems are deployed and dealt with (Viseum’s CCTV Performance is known to deliver significantly higher).
  • Total yearly savings per city = $21 million per year.

Regeneration Safe City Schemes Results

The long-term deterrent value created using Viseum Intelligent CCTV results in a drop in local crime rates and reduced insurance premiums. Attracting new businesses, visitors and residents to what has now become a low-crime city.

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