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National Security Anti-Terror CCTV Training – Face Recognition Social Media Investigations

This 2-minute video is recommended to play in full-screen on a large display. There is no voice narration because it is receiving the best impact without i.e. explaining the many systems and technologies all working together over-complicates the presentation.


Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera

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Surveillance Demonstration – Central Intelligent Video Management System (Viseum CiVMS)

Intelligent Video Management System (VMS) Command Control

Download this surveillance demonstration

This is a CCTV Demonstration of Viseum Technology in as far back as 2006

Identify and re-identify pedestrians completely automatically

Viseum iVOS F3 (early prototypes known as 'Tag and Track'

Download this video surveillance demonstration

Viseum Panoramic Security Camera user interface – live and post-incident CCTV surveillance demo

Live demonstration using the Viseum IMC CCTV camera and Viseum’s user interface for remote monitoring. This user interface operates directly on each Viseum IMC camera installation without the use of Viseum integrated security management system.


Recreating The Incident

CCTV demonstration – live manual control and evidence

Viseum’s First Ever Installation – 2002

Video Analytics Software – Automatic Detection Public Disorder


Live Online Surveillance Demonstration


From the comfort of your own location anywhere in the world, and at a time that suits you, you can see many Viseum CCTV installations operating live out in the field. These Intelligent Video Management System demonstrations can take as little as 15-20 minutes, depending on the questions you wish to ask. Please allow at least 2 weeks notice to enable us to arrange permissions with our users.


Technology Event Demonstration Booking


Please contact your Viseum Certified Corporate Integrator to o see or even host one of our live field demonstrations in your area. You can then see the Viseum IMC CCTV system operating live and you can talk with our end users and their security consultants.

UK CCTV Technology Events North of Milton Keynes – 2 x Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailers are available to visit your sites. Please book your place soonest due to 3 months demo waiting list.

UK CCTV Technology Events South of Milton Keynes – 3 x Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailers are available to visit your sites. Please book your place soonest due to 2 months demo waiting list.