After live demonstrations of Viseum's Mobile CCTV Security, the owner of a Mobile CCTV Service also said, "this will over double our turnover and at least halve our operational costs."

Mobile CCTV

“Our Best Mobile CCTV System”
(Metropolitan Police Report)

Viseum® Mobile CCTV Security and Surveillance…


World’s Best Mobile CCTV System for CCTV Security and Surveillance 


  • Unique Mobile CCTV System delivering the best automated CCTV service with less operational costs than any mobile CCTV.
  • Vast coverage from a single camera deployment automatically detects multiple incidents from short-range to long-range in all directions at the same time.
  • The Commander of the Royal Malaysia Police said, “We usually only get one camera view but now we can see everything.” And “Even the appearance of these 360° cameras deters crime and their automated intelligent gathering proves invaluable.”

Mobile CCTV Deployments

Mobile CCTV Gigapixel Camera

Mobile CCTV Gigapixel Camera Analytics


This 360 Security Camera gives full and complete situational awareness. Mobile CCTV is another security market for Viseum to dominate because no other technology can deliver such an effective high-security and non-privacy infringing solution for public safety and national security.


  • Britain’s Metropolitan Police Force “Our Best Crime Deterrent” -- Described by them as a Virtual Gigapixel Camera, a Virtual CCTV Operator and a Virtual Guard.
  • Multi-HD-Camera View of Each Incident – PTZ Camera Close-up View and Wide Contextual View.


Mobile CCTV Riot Police

Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera


Mobile CCTV - Technology Introduction

The visual appearance of this mobile CCTV camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.



Mobile CCTV Telescopic Mast System

The vehicle floor is fitted with a precision-engineered vertical telescopic mast system to raise the camera head from the roof level up to 12 m above the roof (typical deployments go up to 2 m). It is built with steel and uses non-wearing nylon roll spacers for winch operated telescopic mast raising and deployment stability. All cables are fed inside the mast for cable protection and ease of deployment.

Product Solution Longevity

Customised Vehicle Transit Vibration Dampening System – This is to prevent the Viseum High-Quality Camera System’s advanced optics and electronics from being damaged by excessive vibration wear and tear. This Mobile CCTV Camera mast will have customised vibration dampening materials installed, at the base of the mast and the base of the Mobile CCTV Camera, to soften vibration and mitigate unnecessary breakage. There are 2 main options for the customisation of this Mobile CCTV Camera System:

  1. When the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera system is ordered and its vehicle model is already known, a suitable Transit Vibration Dampening System can also be designed and delivered at the same time. This will allow the vehicle to be in transit when the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera system is deployed and operational.
  2. If the vehicle model is not known when the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera system is initially purchased, a suitable Transit Vibration Dampening System cannot be developed to allow the vehicle to be in transit when the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera is deployed on the mast. Instead, a practical and efficient method is designed to easily put away and house the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera for when the vehicle is moving, and to rapidly fix it onto the mast for when the vehicle is stationary or moving during operations.

Mobile CCTV Power Management System

This is a customised Mobile CCTV vehicle power supply. All equipment is powered from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or additional onboard deep-cycle battery pack. A 4-way socket extender is also included.

Auto-Feed Cable Management System

The cable loom is automatically fed into, and automatically retrieved from, inside the mast using an automated cable management coiling system. This is for cable protection, ease of raising and lowering the Viseum 360 Security Camera and personnel safety.

Note -- All customisations are vehicle model-dependent and specific to each customised Viseum system.

Immediate Vast Coverage and All-Round Surveillance Mobile CCTV


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