Border Control and Border Security

Border Control

Border Control and Border Security

Border Control and Border Security


Another World’s First – Viseum iVOS F3™ (Find, Fix, and Follow) Software Technology Services – Tracking where people have been, where they are and where they are going. Early prototypes know as ‘Tag and Track’ and ‘CCTV Tracker’ also supersedes video SmartSearch technologies. 


  • Allow legitimate and disallow unauthorized people and vehicles to cross your borders without delay.
  • Identify suspects who have passed all other standard border security checks.
  • Control your borders helping your nation to be the safest it can be.

Some of our unique technology strengths for border control are to automatically identify and follow people using different visual biometrics, and cross-reference this information to their actions, locations and access control information.

Global F3 and Social Media Investigation Cross-Checks

Border Control and Border Security - Viseum Global F3 National and International Security

Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV Training

These near 2-minute videos are recommended to play in full-screen on a large display. There is no voice narration because explaining the many security systems and technologies all working together over-complicates the presentation.

Download Border Control and Border Security Global F3 Video

You can download these videos and presentations from the downloads page of our website in various formats for your device and operating system.


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Border Control and Border Security Counter-Terror Training

Viseum’s counter-terror Border Control and Border Security training in London was based on the operation in the second video. This programme is Viseum’s main focus for 2021. Many more countries in all continents throughout the world are at various stages of initial procurement.

The success of Viseum Border Control and Border Security uses all strengths of the Viseum Surveillance Technologies. Relying on its Design Innovation for Video Analytics Software, watchlist management, and the optimization of CPU computer processing using servers, virtual servers, and super servers, the many database systems integration are all innovatively designed and customised for a country’s operation and situational awareness to be as near real-time as possible.

Security professionals recognize Viseum as a step-change in security, surveillance and video analytics software capability.  With much already invested in sub-optimal legacy systems, potential customers will fear that there is no realistic way to completely upgrade to an all-Viseum intelligent camera and video management system. However, Viseum software is hardware-independent. Viseum iVOS and CiVMS Software Technology Services and Viseum Cameras are retro-compatible with legacy systems and any other camera. When Viseum software is commissioned, security professionals are assured their legacy camera installations are also future-proofed. With our intelligent analytics, their video wall will spring to life for the very first time.

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Border Control – Technology Introduction Programme

Creating a country’s Border Control and Border Security with Viseum Social Media Investigations is a long-term objective. Our customer’s long-term goal is to become fully trained and equipped to use all levels of Viseum technology. Delivering the highest levels of security services.

Viseum’s Technology Introduction Programme is optimized to integrate and deploy the many systems and technologies that are part of this Product Solution. This typically takes one year to reach LEVEL 5.

Face Recognition Software

Face Recognition Software is a new commodity product and therefore often procured by price competitive tendering, in which Viseum does not participate. During border crossings, it is common for legitimate travellers to fail face recognition. But they can pass interviews with border security personnel. To prevent such post-event analysis, and prevent security risk, face recognition software will be selected based on technical performance and reliability.