One of the largest police forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

AI Face Recognition Social Media Investigations

Global Social Media Investigations

Face Recognition Social Media Investigations…


Viseum iVOS™ Ethical AI Deep Learning Neural Networks.


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People in watchlists can now be automatically cross-checked with major national and international social media platforms and all types of online situational awareness services, such as world and local news. From national security intelligence and criminal databases with the most wanted people in the world, to employee databases. The system is integrated with many databases for deeper cross-checking and information on people’s associations with others.


Viseum Investigation Bots crawl through Social Media community platforms for routine surveillance. It compiles keywords, names and faces. When a match is found the person’s profile is further analysed. Images are run through Viseum’s iVOS FaceRec system to cross-check against persons of interest lists. This starts to build a network of associations with other people.

Completely Automated National Security, Face recognition Video Analytics and Social Media Investigations.

This police training used 6 Viseum IMC Cameras and Viseum’s Global F3™ Software Technology Services. It compiled information on ½ million people in just 1 day, but no human had access to any of the video or data of the public. Data and video were displayed of test subjects randomly merged into the crowds at each camera site. They were automatically identified and followed:


Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV Training


Border Control and Border Security - Viseum Global F3 National and International Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning Neural Networks – Technology Complexities

Each Social Media community is used by its members and evolves very differently and in each country. Social Media Algorithms change daily and again for each community and again in each country. Integration for each Social Media community platform is highly complex. Licences for each API are based on each customer, and their application requirements. The development to use and benefit from each community is also very region and culture-dependent. As an example, each member’s interests and political views change very differently in frequency and types in different parts of the world, and in some parts of the world religion and political views remain more static, but with significantly different frequency and types of subject matter.

Importance of Secrecy

For each nation’s law enforcement agency, Viseum innovates each customer’s own Social Media initiatives. These algorithms are always kept highly confidential to remain useful in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Algorithm Language Translations

Viseum’s master algorithms are developed in the English language. For each language to benefit from Viseum Social Media Investigations, local Doctorates skilled in the development of algorithms are selected and trained by Viseum.


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Viseum iVOS Global F3 System

Deployment Programme

This is the ability to follow people in an ‘Open World’ environment such as citywide surveillance. It also uses information from all types of people databases from criminal databases to employee databases, and online situational awareness services, such as world and/or local news, to automatically cross-check their locations, their Social Media activity and their possible associations with others. With customised integration into Social Media communities to automatically analyse images and text-based on each investigation, this system can also be used to automatically corroborate or proactively identify the location and possible causes of public incidents.


Viseum Social Media Investigations

Typical Public Safety Deployment Programme (LEVEL 5 following Technology Introduction Programme)


1) Pilot Design

Working Days

Social Media community research pre-planning.10
Social Media and software platforms integration design.5
Agree and sign off pilot success criteria.10
Understand the scope of solution rollout5
Define pilot system specifications20



2) Pilot Deployment

Integrate software systems.60
Install and commission10
Operational Training5
Execute pilot60 – 120
Changes and modifications of systems, processes and information flow.30
Define requirements for solution deployment.5


170 – 230

3) Solution Deployment

During all processes, there will be an intense resource needed with many iterations for improvements, changes, updates and modifications. There will be steady phased deployments from pilot to full-scale system growth.

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