One of the largest police forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

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Leading the AI analytics market

The Video Analytics Market is forecast to be worth $50.7 billion. Viseum® is ranked higher than IBM, Panasonic, and Siemens.     COVID-19 Impact Analysis of Video Content Analytics (VCA) Software Market 2031 | Key Players Advantech, Viseum, Axis Communications AB, PureTech Systems, IBM, Siemens, etc Published by Market Reports World on August 7, 2023. You can read this report here… ... Read More »

Outdoor Security Camera

Viseum is well known for its Outdoor Security Camera   The most evidence captured and the largest camera coverage. A single Viseum Outdoor Security Camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. Extended dual evidence for more convictions. Close-up view and wide contextual view of each incident. The best crime reduction initiative for high crime to become no ... Read More »

Intersec Dubai

Safe City

Viseum is supporting Intersec Dubai Viseum® at Intersec Dubai security exhibition Presenting Viseum at Intersec Dubai security exhibition is always just as successful as Viseum performs at all security exhibitions. The appearance of the overt Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera attracts visitors walking around a security exhibition. When people come onto Viseum’s stand they remain there for longer so they can ... Read More »

Ethical AI CCTV surveillance and data privacy

Patented step change in CCTV surveillance privacy Stronger CCTV security, deeper surveillance and investigations. But with no CCTV privacy concerns. Ethical AI Deep Learning Neural Networks.    Viseum’s CCTV security and surveillance is the patented step change addressing the public’s major concern of CCTV privacy. This patent solves the many problems with standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and ... Read More »

Border Control and Border Security

Border Control and Border Security…   Another World’s First – Viseum iVOS F3™ (Find, Fix, and Follow) Software Technology Services – Tracking where people have been, where they are and where they are going. Early prototypes know as ‘Tag and Track’ and ‘CCTV Tracker’ also supersedes video SmartSearch technologies.    Allow legitimate and disallow unauthorized people and vehicles to cross ... Read More »

Viseum’s Latest CCTV Security & Surveillance Camera

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. The Viseum Brand is primarily known for solving the problems with CCTV Video Quality. All non-Viseum branded CCTV cameras cannot deliver enough CCTV Video Quality. Viseum solved this very serious problem with ... Read More »


Milipol Security Exhibition – Viseum Receives Excellent Results…    > Viseum Exhibition Support < As a result of the exposure at Milipol’s security and surveillance exhibition, Viseum is now supporting many military, government and police security experts. Also, many more VIPs are now relying on Viseum for their solutions for high-end CCTV cameras, video analytics software and video monitoring systems.   Read More »

Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology

World’s Best CCTV Surveillance Technology Brand The Viseum brand is recognized for its patented configuration of fixed and moving cameras co-located on the same common structure. People who see an image of a Viseum camera configuration naturally think of Viseum being the internationally patent-protected CCTV brand. We operate a formal Branding Policy which is an integral part of the Viseum business.   ... Read More »

CCTV Nigeria

  Nigeria’s CCTV is supported by Viseum®     The Viseum brand is commonly known for introducing advanced cutting-edge technologies, as trusted plug and play Product Solutions. Nigeria initially benefited from Viseum’s 360 Security Cameras and Video Analytics Software. We are now deploying our long-range cameras for the protection of Nigeria’s critical infrastructure.   Viseum UK Group welcomes Viseum Nigeria ... Read More »

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera

The Viseum IMC (Intelligent Moving Camera) TV News Report on Anti-Terror CCTV This breaking news aired on Australia’s most popular TV channel immediately following terror attacks there. The Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera is always a natural choice to create a long-term deterrent for towns and cities. TV reports like this are a natural reaction by governments to display how well ... Read More »