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Border Control and Border Security

Border Control and Border Security…   Another World’s First – Viseum iVOS F3™ (Find, Fix, and Follow) Software Technology Services   Allow legitimate and disallow unauthorized people and vehicles to cross your borders without delay. Identify suspects who have passed all other standard border security checks. Control your borders helping your nation to be the safest it can be. Some ... Read More »

Intersec Dubai

Viseum is supporting Intersec Dubai Viseum at Intersec Dubai Security Exhibition The sales impact of presenting Viseum at Intersec Dubai security exhibition is expected to be just as successful as Viseum performs at all security exhibitions. The visual appearance of the overt Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera attracts visitors walking around a security exhibition. When people come onto the stand they remain ... Read More »


Milipol Security Exhibition – Viseum Receives Excellent Results…  > Viseum Exhibition Support < As a result of the exposure at Milipol’s security and surveillance exhibition, Viseum is now supporting many military, government and police security experts, as well as many VIPs with their solutions for high-end CCTV cameras, video analytics software and video monitoring systems. Read More »

Viseum’s Latest CCTV Security & Surveillance Camera

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera  Places, where people gather, are now considered likely targets for mass killings, yet have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. The Viseum Brand is primarily known for solving the problems with CCTV Video Quality. All non-Viseum branded CCTV cameras cannot deliver enough CCTV Video Quality. Viseum solved this very serious problem with the internationally patented invention known ... Read More »

Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology

World’s Best CCTV Surveillance Technology Brand The Viseum brand is recognized for its patented configuration of fixed and moving cameras co-located on the same common structure. People who see an image of a Viseum camera configuration naturally think of Viseum being the internationally patent-protected CCTV brand. We operate a formal Branding Policy which is an integral part of the Viseum business.   ... Read More »

PSIM Safe City Security RFP

Viseum Safe City RFP… Nationwide Security Project  Management Support The Viseum UK Group has extended its educational sales process to help nations produce their Safe City Security RFP (Request For Proposal) documentation. This is in support of demand from national security risks, and also helps reduce the need for our national security and Safe City Training in London. From pilot installation through to ... Read More »

CCTV Nigeria

Best Solutions for Nigeria CCTV…   The Viseum brand is commonly recognized as the Video Analytics Software industry pioneers. From the year 2000 Viseum has continued developing and supporting the world’s most advanced best-of-breed Video Analytics and Video Management Software Technology Services.   Viseum UK Group Welcomes Viseum Nigeria Viseum Intelligent 360 Security Cameras are proudly used by Government executives for ... Read More »

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera

The Viseum IMC (Intelligent Moving Camera) TV News Report on Anti-Terror CCTV This breaking news aired on Australia’s most popular TV channel immediately following terror attacks there. The Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera is always a natural choice to create the long-term deterrent for towns and cities. TV reports like this are a natural reaction by governments to display how well ... Read More »

UK CCTV Endorsements

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Endorsements “Potentially the world’s largest Safe City CCTV network.”  To support this new Safe City security service for the UK, Viseum has forged key relationships with many of its local authorities, and has trained a large number of security companies including some of the biggest names in the UK security and telecommunications industries. One of the world’s ... Read More »

Smart Cities Initiative

What comes first – the Smart City or Safe City? ‘Safe Cities’ and ‘Smart Cities’ are increasingly common buzzwords with the large multi-national technology companies and mobile app designers. The Smart Cities principle is that well-designed and integrated technology should be used to help us live better, more economical, better managed, cleaner, safer lives in the towns and cities that ... Read More »