"Viseum's panoramic security camera operates automatically from close to long range and 360°. 24/7 surveillance monitoring but without London's high costs of CCTV surveillance operators."

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Olympics Security Challenges

Olympics CCTV

Olympics Security Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology for Public Safety     World’s Best CCTV Camera for Olympics Security   The visual appearance of the Viseum Olympics Security Camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to criminals that the entire Olympics site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.          Viseum UK’s Intelligent CCTV surveillance system is implemented by police and ... Read More »

Better security thanks to the UK Government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative

CCTV Managers of Security and Surveillance Communities are now central to the success of both CCTV security enterprise schemes and CCTV Managers Viseum UK is reporting a major shift in the way UK CCTV and security CCTV Monitoring Centre Managers operate in partnership with local communities. Thanks to the growing availability of intelligent CCTV wide-area surveillance camera installations it’s now a ... Read More »

Mixed-Race Family Defeats Institutional Racism – Bexley Council

Community CCTV

Bexley Council is depriving minority-race families of their basic human rights conspiring with their schools and childcare services.   We have proof and with verified witnesses in XXXXXXXX Police Station, that Bexley Council is exploiting the formative age of minority-race children to save budgets, reduce workloads and better the lives of their English residents. A mixed-race family has worked tirelessly ... Read More »

Safe City Reference Material

 Safe City Press Release Viseum UK’s lead with the international Safe City initiative has proven so successful that many publicists have interviewed Viseum UK Safe City Team and published these findings. Please contact Viseum UK’s Press Office for more details on our Safe City programme. Reference Information URLs: > Viseum UK Safe Cities presentation < – this is a narrated 300MB Windows PowerPoint ... Read More »

Intelligent Video Security America

Success for Viseum America   This is the new Viseum brochure that attracted so much attention, it secured an invitation for Viseum to present at GovSec West in Dallas, Texas. Unsurprisingly, security and defence practitioners in the Americas face the same challenges in delivering security within complex urban and commercial environments. However, I’m delighted to tell you that having met some ... Read More »

Continuous Unblinking Surveillance

A Ubiquitous CCTV Security and Surveillance Solution to an Ever-Present Threat The modern civil and homeland security practitioner faces the same challenges that General Rupert Smith explained in his seminal work “The Utility of Force” – citing a “war among the people” as being the new norm in modern military operations. Today’s “security war among the people” takes place within a ... Read More »

US Security Associates World’s Best CCTV

US Security Associates with World’s Best CCTV Surveillance Service Many CCTV security service providers are joining forces with Viseum UK to provide the Best CCTV surveillance service available As part of their ongoing commitment to working with best-in-class solutions providers, many of the UK’s major security providers have strategic partnerships with Viseum. These mutually beneficial alliances provide customers with a ... Read More »

Viseum Certified Corporate Partner Network

Viseum is expanding its international reseller base in line with the rollout of its new Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) product range. The Viseum IMC Camera is a well-established and proven technology, with research that demonstrates a 100% success rate in clearing up trouble spots. The added value of proactive and most effective crime and antisocial behaviour prevention is why an ... Read More »

Surveillance Target Selection

Security Camera Systems Automated PTZ Camera Target Selection Viseum security camera systems automatically select surveillance targets based on scenario and location. Feedback from our users is that they can finally have the confidence of security camera systems that actually produce quality evidence no matter where the site has been broken into, or where the theft took place. The following examples ... Read More »