International security professionals recommend Viseum Safe City solutions. The world’s only all-in-one, end-to-end and integrated VMS software to optimize all new and legacy CCTV cameras, security devices and management processes.

US Security Associates World’s Best CCTV

US Security Associates with World’s Best CCTV Surveillance Service

Many CCTV security service providers are joining forces with Viseum UK
to provide the Best CCTV surveillance service available

As part of their ongoing commitment to working with best-in-class solutions providers, many of the UK’s major security providers have strategic partnerships with Viseum. These mutually beneficial alliances provide customers with a surveillance solution that combines intelligent automated cameras, with the country’s most advanced remote monitoring services. The US Security Associates with Viseum’s Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) solution, using multiple fixed and one moving surveillance cameras in a single unit that can cover wide area complex and challenging environment as large as 4 Olympic Stadiums.

The Viseum IMC detects activity in all directions at the same time, automatically controls a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera, captures high-quality close-up and wide contextual view video evidence, and automatically produces it for rapid response and investigation.  Providing both permanent and temporary CCTV deployment options, Viseum offers a versatile plug-and-play modular camera installation. It is also cost-effective as it reduces wiring and eliminates the need to spend time adjusting camera positions.


Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera

CCTV Monitoring – World’s Best CCTV Technology 

US Security Associates will integrate Viseum’s operating software into state-of-the-art Command Control Communications, providing third-party alarm receiving and CCTV monitoring services to a wide range of customers across many industry sectors. Stuart Thompson, Viseum UK Group President explained, “Operating completely independently of command control, the Viseum outdoor surveillance camera provides full visibility and control of an entire area using just one single unit instead of what used to be a minimum of five or six separate PTZ Camera installations.”

US Security Associates - CCTV Surveillance ServiceUS Security Associates CCTV Surveillance Service

By targeting specific market sectors the two organisations will not only be able to provide a flexible 24/7 monitoring solution, but also offer the world’s most vigilant response service. The construction sites, council facilities, hospital car parks and utilities such as water treatment plants and electricity sub-stations all stand to benefit from this offering.

Many US Security Associates have concluded, having been aware of Viseum’s innovative product offering for some time, would be delighted that we have been able to form a strategic partnership. The combination of pioneering technology and leading remote monitoring services takes the combating of crime and antisocial behaviour to a whole new level.

In order to give potential customers an opportunity to see the Viseum IMC in action, Many US Security Associates will be hosting open days and demonstrations To find out more visit us at or email [email protected].