International security professionals recommend Viseum Safe City solutions. The world’s only all-in-one, end-to-end and integrated VMS software to optimize all new and legacy CCTV cameras, security devices and management processes.

Video Management System (VMS)

Intelligent Video Management System

Intelligent Video Management System

Viseum® Intelligent Video Management System


Viseum CiVMS™ Central Intelligent Video Management System uses Viseum iVOS™ Intelligent Video Analytics Software. It is the world’s most future-proofed Video Management System. It optimizes emergency processes and special projects for citywide, nationwide and global Command Control.


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Viseum CiVMS (Central Intelligent Video Management System)

People Surveillance Systems Command Control and Communications

This narrated presentation shows how any organisation can have the best future-proofed security for their entire security enterprise. With the best Command Control and Communications, designed for and installed at any chosen location.


Viseum UK is the fastest evolving CCTV Technology business in the world. Primarily known internationally for solving the problem of wide-area CCTV security and surveillance. Viseum’s Central Intelligent Video Management System automatically presents the right high-quality video information, to the right people at the right time. This helps:

  • React effectively to emergency security threats, and,
  • Rapid investigations to clear up crime in the most efficient way.
Command, Control and Communications - Technology Strengths

Questions about your Video Management System:

  • Is your video management system lacking intelligent video analytics software?
  • Do your cameras provide high-quality close-up video when needed?
  • Do your cameras miss incidents because they do not cover all your required areas?
  • Are any of your surveillance monitoring installations failing to provide a CCTV deterrent?
  • Do your remote sites require live monitoring using costly monitoring infrastructures, but still do not deliver results?


Viseum UK’s intelligent VMS software is proven to deliver the best results and the strongest long-term deterrent, with the most advanced security to cover all required areas thanks to the Viseum 360 Security Camera and Central Intelligent Video Management System (Viseum CiVMS). Independent endorsements show that it would take at least 6 times more installations of any other advanced outdoor pan, tilt and zoom or ‘PTZ Camera’ solution, or at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or a minimum of 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the same level of security that each Viseum Panoramic Security Camera provides without being dependent on any surveillance monitoring infrastructure.

The value to our customers is having the only effective solution to the problem of wide-area outdoor security. Its intelligent video analytics gives them high-quality video evidence of crimes in outdoor wide areas, no matter where the:

  1. Crime takes place, or,
  2. Site gets broken into, or,
  3. Theft or criminal damage takes place, or,
  4. A positive ID can still be made if the suspect is wearing a hood or mask to cover their face.

Viseum’s Outdoor 360 Security Camera and Intelligent Video Management System:

  • Solves the problem of having PTZ Cameras used to monitor remote wide-area sites, but without needing trained staff and without local knowledge of where the PTZ Camera should be pointing.
  • More than doubles the strength of security. Over halves the equipment and infrastructure needed to monitor and secure remote sites.

Viseum UK’s video management solution achieves this as standard thanks to Viseum’s CiVMS (Central Intelligent Video Management System) and Intelligent Video Analytics. If any other VMS software gives results of this standard, it is a surprise that makes headline news.

Viseum Central Intelligent Video Management System Technical Advantages

Intelligent Video Wall – includes intelligent video wall software – the video wall can be intelligently populated with close-up identification (ID) and recognition video evidence of suspects and events of interest as they happen.

Multi-Views – allows for multi-views for a complete 360 degrees view of the entire area at the same time. All or any one of the Viseum outdoor surveillance camera‘s wide contextual view cameras can be watched and recorded in the central control room at the same time as the operator is following and recording a live event close up with the PTZ Camera.

Intelligent Video Management Key Benefits

Crime Clear Up and Key Performance Indicators – the surveillance operator is now more productive than ever before. During an incident and rapid investigations. This means that fewer operators are needed to clear up and deter more crime and in larger areas. Providing a greater level of service for less operational cost.

Video Management CCTV Training – the monitoring operator requires only limited or no training, depending on the application. Searching for, selecting and following suspects with the PTZ Camera becomes easier or may even be no longer required because it is completely automated. To use the local Viseum NVR requires no additional training because it is seen by the CCTV operator as part of the command control’s central storage.

GIS CCTV and Security Surveillance System Situational Awareness People Surveillance PSIM Software

This narrated example shows how the correct situational awareness can automatically avoid the most mundane and the most complex security risks. Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics Software eliminates the need for local intelligent video analytics software at some of your camera installations.

Viseum Intelligent Video Analytics Software

This presentation shows how Viseum is leading the video security industry with the most advanced and constantly evolving surveillance technology.

Safe City CCTV Performance

The most advanced surveillance camera in the world working with the most advanced command control and communications. This produces the fastest and most accurate complete end-to-end Intelligent Video Management System and resulting security service. Independent of any infrastructure, Viseum’s Intelligent Video Analytics cameras provide constantly vigilant surveillance for the protected remote site 24/7/365. This uniquely produces close-up video of the incident for the alarm. The incident can be reported in detail for the most effective response.

People Surveillance Video Management System

An important strength of Viseum’s CiVMS feature-rich platform is its flexible and intuitively optimized intelligent user interface algorithms. It changes itself dynamically based on geospatial information of an event and threat level e.g. terrorism, theft or misdemeanour. Also, operational maps of assets, galleries of faces, people and vehicles can be presented.

Either based on predefined red, black and green lists, or dependent on each security personnel’s particular emergency control requirements. The video wall can be populated with relevant information. Each surveillance operator will be capable of focusing their attention on priority issues and emergencies.

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