As internationally patented our network of partners introduce Viseum technologies to new regions and industries to displace established technologies. Some of the world’s other recent examples are; The Internet and Personal Computers (PC).

Viseum Sales Network

Viseum Sales Network – CCTV Technology Introduction Programme

Viseum has optimized its sales for the growing market demand for its Product Solutions. The first phase of this innovation uses Viseum’s LEVEL 1 demonstration equipment which introduced our unique Phased Technology Introduction Programme, with optimised time and investments for its supply and use. Our end users immediately realize security improvements with holistic savings, and this secures repeat and ongoing business. A phased introduction of further technology improvements steadily delivers the most up-to-date and future-proof security estate.

“This can start with a demonstration of just one Viseum camera.”
(Viseum UK Group President)

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Viseum Corporate Agents

Crucial to Viseum’s regional growth is to identify the right professionals to help control this growth. Innovation and initiatives are needed to establish and control our customer base and trade relationships. Viseum remunerates its Corporate Agent’s very well at the start of the business relationship and then exceptionally well as we increase our sales with each professional.


There are many investors already on board with Viseum and as a result, are enjoying excellent international business with us. Viseum enjoys active investors and is also looking for more board members to take on the role of director for some of our regional companies. If you are interested to invest please email with your contact details to arrange a call to discuss further.

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International Sales 

For our typical sales process we initially need to understand:

a) The end customer’s short, medium and long-term goals and objectives.

b) The customer’s appetite for investment over what period e.g. 5, 10 and up to 25 years for corporate (typical city up to 10,000 cameras), enterprise or technology transfer contracts (typical nation up to 100,000 cameras).  This is sometimes agreed during the Pilot Installation and our contractual obligations are typically negotiated with the local Viseum Certified Corporate Partner.

c) Establish initial project scope and what is the most suitable pilot installation.


Viseum’s success with its Phased Technology Introduction Programme is how well it meets the demand for high security. Firstly, the Viseum sale is about the major unique benefits of solving each individual customer’s specific problems with security and surveillance, that no other organization can deliver as standard. Examples range from how a community living and working in fear after several years of crime reduction initiatives, can now have their businesses and lifestyles regenerated, to how Viseum cameras can immediately eliminate the weakest areas of a Perimeter Surveillance which has constantly been breached in many different ways over many years. Secondly, the sale is about “how Viseum does it” with our technical capabilities, operational improvements, and short and long-term operational savings

Viseum’s advanced video surveillance techniques are setting the industry gold standard for Command Control centres, to deliver a stronger surveillance and security service. Viseum’s international patents came from the solution for proactive and privacy-friendly mass surveillance, giving the capability of delivering many highly advanced automated CCTV technologies inside just one easily deployed plug-and-play CCTV camera. Having so much technology protecting our customers’ communities and other high-value assets, means two benefits, 1) the customer gets the solution to their problems and 2) the Viseum sales network multiplies. Demand comes from today’s security climate and Viseum CCTV security projects multiply, because once crime moves to another area, then people talk about Viseum deployments being the most effective cause and solution to crime displacement.

Examples of Growth


Viseum technology wins high-end major security projects when compared to any other solution. These solutions are internationally patented and therefore have no direct competition. Viseum does not operate with anyone who worries about money before their security. HOWEVER, once we have made this absolutely clear at the start of any business relationship, we also present a compelling Business Case with substantial operational savings, whereby Viseum solutions pay for themselves within the first year of procurement.

  • The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT)  – Stuart Thompson Viseum UK Group Owner and President said: “Working with our Government’s DIT and its vast international network has accelerated more opportunities to make millions into tangible security projects, in territories new to Viseum.” Example – Viseum sales collateral available from our website presented to government leaders generates Safe City projects, and even a non-working model of the Viseum camera helps win the first pilot installations around $20,000,000 and eventually worth in excess of $80,000,000 and this is excluding ongoing revenues.
  • Community SafetyWatch® – Typically expected of a Disruptive Technology, this is a brand new multi-billion dollar market where business and residential groups benefit from the most effective non-privacy infringing CCTV security service.
  • CCTV leasing – This is a download for a Windows PowerPoint presentation of just 1 commercial example worth over $170,000,000 in 3 years. (Important Note – If Windows PowerPoint file does not play – right click the windows file, go to file properties, then click “Unblock” security setting on the General tab.)

Viseum Certified Corporate Resellers


It is well proven for CCTV resellers to enjoy much more business with many more happy customers by working with Viseum. This is because of the significant added value that our solutions deliver the customer and the resulting ongoing extra referral business. Viseum is always happy to support reseller applications and as part of your request the following information will be required:


  • What is your profile within your region and what industries are you strong in?
  • Are you in control of a security project that has a requirement for Viseum’s Product Solutions, and/or are you prospecting for new and long-term business? Viseum supports new business prospecting with remote support, and will also support client visits with a Viseum representative anywhere in the world for qualified projects.
  • Do you have security installations and support services in place for digital CCTV security systems?
  • Do you have, or do you need training for TCP/IP (internet protocol) expertise in your team, or do you need Viseum training for this? This knowledge is essential for introducing Viseum solutions as plug-and-play, and for answering our customers’ technical questions, once the budget holder passes Viseum over to their technical analysts for evaluation.

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    “A citywide CCTV project can start with a demonstration of just one Viseum camera.” (Viseum ...
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Viseum enjoys a unique way of growing this network because many of Viseum employees start out as either Viseum customers, agents or resellers. To expand our Sales Network further in all regions throughout the world we are employing more management teams, field and desk-based sales and support professionals.

For this opportunity, applicants must study the Viseum website and then send an email to presenting why you want to join our team of trusted professionals and what value you can bring to the Viseum UK Group.