“Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Governments Regulate Public Safety

Government Public Safety – Safe City Funding Initiatives

Governments’ Public Safety Held To Account…

After terrorist attacks, vast amounts of extra money is spent by governments as a brief display of security control. Until the availability of Viseum’s disruptive technology, economics prevented governments to invest before these attacks.


“Our government wants the very best CCTV security and surveillance for our nation.” (Comment from today’s Heads of State of many countries)

“To disrupt crime and terror, many nations are collaborating against this international threat using this internationally regulated disruptive technology.” (Viseum UK Group)


Public SafetyDisruptive Anti-Terror CCTV Cameras are showing governments how to win their fight against crime and terror. Places, where many people gather, are targets for mass killings, yet are the most technically problematic areas to deliver public safety. CCTV is heavily used during terrorist incidents, but as the CCTV industry has not been regulated, it has not delivered results.


Disruptive Public Safety CCTV Technology

Solving the very serious problem with all CCTV cameras missing crucial video evidence, the Viseum viseum-imc-remote-cctv-monitoringIntelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) was patented to deliver the results needed. Wide Contextual View Cameras and PTZ Cameras together with Intelligent Video Analytics Software, automatically monitor large, complex and challenging environments. The Viseum IMC Camera is built to the highest quality standards, it does not require CCTV operators, and it optimizes people to respond. This internationally patented CCTV Innovation has led to Viseum dominating a new market that has bridged the very large gaps between, and solved the many problems with, standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding security patrols.


Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV Training

Border Control and Border Security - Viseum Global F3 National and International Security

These near 2-minute videos are recommended to play in full-screen on a large display. There is no voice narration because they are receiving the best impact without i.e. explaining the many security systems and technologies all working together over-complicates the presentation.

Top 3 issues with Public Safety CCTV

The security industry has evolved around low-cost products that are not fit for purpose. Unregulated markets lack quality and standards and this is why in today’s security climate, Viseum’s disruptive technology is needed to change how people spend, save and make money. Viseum UK has exposed the 3 main areas of the CCTV industry that it is now helping to regulate:

1. CCTV Cameras and Software “CCTV Technology

To support this trend, public safety equipment has so much competition that it forces CCTV manufacturers to reduce their quality, sell at low cost and in high volume, to only make profits from poor warranty and frequent downtimes. Also, with such an unregulated industry where selling in high volume is crucial, this discourages any technology innovation:


CCTV Cameras

The Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera is a commodity component of the CCTV industry and is central to public safety. Yet, because all PTZ Cameras other than Viseum’s need to be constantly watched and controlled by a person, and even then, it can only see one small area at a time, criminals all but disregard them, making the cameras the root cause of why security systems do not deliver consistent results.


CCTV Software

The latest major CCTV technology development is Video Analytics Software. This is software that automatically watches cameras, but this has limited applications because all software other than Viseum’s can only monitor fixed static cameras.

cctv-operators2. People Watching Cameras “CCTV Operators

Most people are under the common misunderstanding that CCTV is just like the TV show “Big Brother”, where many highly skilled surveillance experts are watching and studying our every move. This is very incorrect:


Public Safety CCTV Designs

Public Safety CCTV designs other than Viseum’s have a very small number of people watching many thousands of cameras, but in reality, a person can only look at one camera at a time. Also, with wages an ongoing and increasing cost, operators are the most expensive operational overhead. This job has a high turnover of staff because people are notoriously unreliable for constantly monitoring critical services, and with operators failing to turn up for work and lacking concentration.


Public Safety CCTV Budgets Wasted

It is commonly accepted for governments and law enforcement agencies to waste many millions each year, and many thousands of man-hours attempting to find and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial video evidence, from days, or months of stored video. The vast majority of these efforts result, daily, in lengthy reports as to why the CCTV evidence was not available or could not be used.

3. Government CCTV Security Procurement

Most governments budget for the best high-end security and surveillance products, but for the security equipment’s supply chain to make money (including hidden commissions), procurement processes result in governments receiving inadequate low-cost products.

To complement this spending regime, security consultants make their profits by specifying the cheapest equipment for Public Safety CCTV. They do this to justify their own high costs of designing it, and many also recommend their preferred manufacturers of such equipment to make more hidden commissions out of their governments.

“Worryingly, this is all very true at each point.” UK CCTV Command Control Manager


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Internationally Regulated Crime Deterrentviseum-imc-transforming-ptz-cameras

As the much-needed solution for public safety law enforcement, the Viseum IMC Camera is now stimulating many governments to regulate their CCTV. Patents have been granted globally for the invention of the Viseum IMC Camera, and in demonstrating this quality and performance regulation, any other brand of camera that looks like a Viseum is seen as an illegal unregulated copy and that compromises a nation’s public safety.