UK Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury said, “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

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Viseum Panoramic Security Camera Patent Examination


In 2014 a $2 billion manufacturer spent over $1 million in legal attempts to undermine Viseum’s Patented AI Technology. But they failed. This happened after they consistently lost every citywide project when competing against Viseum.


They employed one of the world’s leading intellectual property experts. This was to undertake an extensive analysis of the validity of Viseum’s granted European Patent EP1579399.  These patent specialists applied their vast depth of knowledge in physics, electronics, engineering, and computer science. They probed the novelty and inventive steps of the invention. The conclusion of this extensive exercise resulted in the British patent examiner, stating that in their opinion claims of Viseum’s patent are both novel and inventive over any prior art.


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This competitor then breached international law by copying Viseum’s patent. Attempting to limit their liability they over-engineered a quality compromised camera to “look like a Viseum” but without any Video Analytics Software. It was designed and priced to only make profits from warranty and frequent downtimes:


  1. The number and arrangement of cameras had little or no configuration for a customer’s specific coverage and operation. Also, each camera sensor could not be selected for the customer’s optical requirements.
  2. The whole unit needed to be swapped out for any maintenance, which unnecessarily drained the customer’s operational budget.


As with any patent infringement, its trade reseller is the primary target for legal action. This is followed up by making potential users aware of the infringing product’s recall due to its illegal use. This is then followed up with full and complete legal action against the suppliers of such goods.


 The Viseum® Brand


The Viseum brand is recognised for its patented configuration of fixed and moving cameras co-located on the same common structure. People who see an image of a Viseum camera configuration naturally think of Viseum being the internationally patent-protected CCTV brand. Any other brand of this configuration is seen as an illegal quality compromised copy. This generates more business for the Viseum UK Group. We operate a formal Branding Policy which is an integral part of the Viseum business.


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