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CCTV Camera Intersec Dubai - Police Report

CCTV Camera Police Report

Viseum is supporting Intersec Dubai

Viseum at Intersec Dubai Security Exhibition

The sales impact of presenting Viseum at Intersec Dubai security exhibition is expected to be just as successful as Viseum performs at all security exhibitions. The visual appearance of the overt Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera attracts visitors walking around a security exhibition. When people come onto the stand they remain there for longer so they can learn more about it. When they learn more about it they remain on the stand to hear about its success stories and watch it in operation. Having seen and heard of this success this encourages our exhibition visitors to imagine using Viseum to protect their estate and in turn become our customers.

Intersec Dubai Security exhibitions are usually unexciting with simply nothing new to see and with each vendor showing off the same technologies. Viseum Disruptive Technologies counter just this – our international patents disrupt the usual monotonous security exhibition experience by showing visitors Viseum’s innovative differentiation. This is good news for exhibition visitors but not good news for any other exhibitors.


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