Better security thanks to the UK Government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative

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Communities are now central to the success of both CCTV security enterprise schemes and CCTV Managers

Viseum UK is reporting a major shift in the way UK CCTV and security CCTV Monitoring Centre Managers operate in partnership with local communities. Thanks to the growing availability of intelligent CCTV wide-area surveillance camera installations it’s now a case of “more power to the people” in the specification of security and surveillance equipment and systems to counter specific local Community Regeneration threats.

In line with, even perhaps orchestrated by, the whole notion of the UK government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative, community groups are now more powerful than ever, and CCTV Managers have the opportunity to act on and deliver the wishes of the community they serve. Previously there was one CCTV Manager per security scheme who effectively dictated the scope of the scheme. This worked well to serve the interests of ‘box tickers’ and statisticians rather than the communities themselves. However, there’s now considerable evidence to suggest that the traditional ‘edge device’ approach doesn’t work and that each individual community now demands a custom solution that is thought out according to specific needs and often now includes intelligent CCTV PTZ Camera equipment.

So now, when specifying Community Regeneration schemes, the thought process is “what information does central control need to protect each specific community?” and then to specify the technology that’s fit for each purpose.

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“The good news is that there is a fantastic opportunity for CCTV Managers to harness the wishes of their communities, make their enterprise significantly more productive than ever before, and give people not only what they need and want at a local level for each specific security challenge – it doesn’t have to cost more than a traditional scheme,” says Stuart Thompson, Viseum UK Group President.

“In fact, this will always be more effective and likely cheaper than an old CCTV design – so the collaboration and consultation we have seen in areas like Nottingham, where our Community SafetyWatch® Regeneration initiative has taken off – are likely to become the norm rather than the exception,” he adds.

“We would encourage CCTV Managers to take a more holistic view and focus more on the long-term needs of the community. There is, thankfully, a new breed of Manager who sees community involvement as a great opportunity, and it’s my opinion that this is very much the likely trend for the future,” said Stuart. “Every community has subtly different issues and a catch-all approach with ‘x’ number of ‘edge devices’ will no longer hack it,” he said.

The latest patented systems from Viseum UK work on a plug-and-play principle and are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with any legacy technology that’s in place.


Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

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“We have demonstrated Viseum on many occasions and the response from those with central control needs is always the same,” said Stuart. “It’s “wow”, followed by “this is amazing, I wish we could have it, but I bet this won’t integrate with what we already have”. Viseum’s answer is consistent and illustrates the company’s success so far – “it has been independently endorsed that just one of our cameras is worth at least five to six of any other manned or unmanned camera installation, and yes, it easily integrates into any 3rd party CCTV system.”