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Viseum’s Technology Strengths – Police Report

Viseum is expanding its international reseller base in line with the rollout of its new Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) product range. The Viseum IMC is a well-established and proven technology, with research that demonstrates a 100% success rate in clearing up trouble spots. The added value of proactive and most effective crime and antisocial behaviour prevention is why an increasing number of organisations, and local authorities, in particular, are turning to the Viseum outdoor surveillance camera. This camera is now available throughout the EU and Middle East, offering end users immediate results and long-term savings, and gives resellers significant incentives to capitalize on a lucrative, patent-protected market.

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Most wide-area PTZ cameras have already exceeded their life expectancy and cost and lack of resources mean that most are in any case pointing the wrong way when crimes occur. Viseum presents an unparalleled value for money offering for clients to stay on top of all their camera installations, by having them perform as if ‘proactively manned’, yet leave them actually unattended with the cost savings that this represents. This is being achieved by replacing or upgrading PTZ Cameras to become Viseum IMCs, which in turn maximises efficiency and enables a much more viable solution for surveillance scheme expansion.







With Viseum, outdoor surveillance cameras can be completely automated, but if operators are available, they can always override and take control themselves if they need to do so. Although Viseum IMC do not rely on CCTV monitoring infrastructures, this unique human-to-machine interplay is now being fully integrated into major brands’ central control rooms. These brands are now enjoying additional revenues, with more and more advanced functionality – never before seen in control rooms. For example, operators can track activity of interest, but also have the uniquely powerful ability to see behind them at the same time!

The Viseum outdoor surveillance camera is sold as a tried and tested technology and proven to win tenders on value rather than the cheapest option available. Indeed, as an example, Viseum found itself up against strong competition in a recent UK surveillance tender, with the Viseum solution actually costing double that of other bids, but still won the business. Another example: EU tenders lost by major brands have been won back because their technology partnership with Viseum has immediately enabled them to recover this business.

Stuart Thompson, Viseum UK Group President, is naturally excited about the successes of the IMC. Says Stuart, “As a Viseum reseller, you will have international patent-protected product differentiation. Having access to Viseum’s best-in-class leading-edge technology will bring customers to you who currently favour other brands. Our track record proves the initial sell to be easy, with attractive sales margins for resellers and the opportunity to generate repeat revenues from service and maintenance contracts for providing a service which is essentially managed remotely by Viseum, typically over a 3/4G connection.”

Feedback from Viseum IMC clients has been excellent. Danny Hoy, Facilities Manager for Salford City Council, said, “Traditional cameras can only look at a fraction of space at any one time, unlike the Viseum model which constantly protects the entire area. It also works without the need for an operator, which saves both time and money.”


International base of resellers in the following sectors

Surveillance Command Control

  • Reduce ongoing costs but increase operational performance.
  • Optimize revenue-generating CTTV monitoring activities.
  • Enhance the financial benefit of non-24/7 monitored CCTV schemes.

Reseller Case study

Viseum learned of a particular end user’s need through the tendering process. The client was looking for rapidly deployable surveillance, this solution being one of Viseum’s main selling solutions and one of the strongest selling points of the Viseum IMC in particular.

  • Viseum identified a reseller in the area.
  • The reseller won the business and installed their first unit.
  • A second unit was immediately rushed in for a public event, that no other solution could service.
  • A technology event was then driven by the end user’s Technical Group. Many other departments, neighbouring local authorities, and commercial organisations also attended.
  • Viseum is now receiving multiple orders through the reseller.
  • This end user is now utilizing Viseum’s IMC throughout its surveillance network, by providing fully integrated IMC functionality into their core equipment in their central control room.
  • This all happened within two weeks of the first installation, with the reseller and integrator already receiving healthy commissions.