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Command Control CCTV Camera

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Best Situational Awareness CCTV Camera

Crucially, to obtain the complete ground truth at the Command Control and deploy the best first responder services, the most situational awareness information is needed.  For this, it is vital to use the CCTV camera that reliably produces the most amount of accurate situational awareness information.

For the best Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Software, the Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera provides full visibility and control of the entire area under automated surveillance. Operating completely automatically it does not need to rely on any surveillance infrastructure in order to proactively detect and capture incidents.



Command Control Design ServicesCommand Control - Technology Introduction Programme

To help quantify the benefits of your initial purchase of Viseum security system installations, Viseum will track statistics of crime and antisocial disorder for the periods before, during and after your trial. We will discuss and agree on the success criteria for your testing with you ahead of your trial using the following trial services:


Viseum UK CCTV Command Control Room Design

Command Control Service Objectives

This service is designed for you to learn how Viseum Panoramic CCTV Cameras can help your security enterprise clear up and stamp out more crimes and antisocial disorder, by understanding the following:

  • How more high-quality evidence can be collected automatically from your moving camera installation.
  • How long-term deterrence can be sustained for all areas under your organisation’s control.
  • What areas under your control are currently unprotected, and will benefit from the enhanced security that is now available.
  • How Viseum security cameras can help your operators’ proactive surveillance once they have understood its functionality and benefits to your particular security operation.
  • How a Viseum security camera’s standalone operation would benefit those of your current installations that are currently monitored over costly fibre optics by lowering bandwidth e.g. “wireless” and reducing communications costs.

The Viseum research team has spent significant time, meeting and talking with surveillance operators, watching and learning how they monitor a constantly growing number of security cameras. Many of Viseum’s intelligent Virtual Operator Software (iVOS) algorithms have been produced by copying and replacing some of the routine activities of your surveillance operators. Whilst improving your entire security estate, another key output of this exercise will be the ability to calculate your operational savings.

Trial Preparations

As part of your Viseum trial process, we would like to learn how your operators’ scouting camera control and viewing attention is currently managed, and what are the deciding factors for this. We will need to learn how your operators’ attention is currently managed for your proactive and reactive surveillance cameras.

Asset Value Statistics

  1. How does your organisation work out Key Performance Indicators for your CCTV security operations?
  1. What is the annual cost of running your CCTV enterprise?
  1. What is the number of crimes cleared up using CCTV evidence in a year?
  1. What is the number of crimes reported in the year?
  1. How many non-revenue generating cameras do you have in your CCTV scheme?

Command Control Operational Management

  1. Are all or some of your moving PTZ Cameras left either at their favourite positions or on pre-set tours?
  1. How many or what percentage of your cameras receive your operators’ scouting control and viewing attention?
  1. To understand the level of attention each camera receives on your video wall, how many cameras are split or cycled on how many screens?
  1. How many or what percentage of your cameras are left to be managed for reactive monitoring only?
  1. Note that some or all of these questions can be answered during trial preparations when meeting with your control room staff.

Choosing Your First Viseum CCTV Installation

Many factors are taken into consideration to understand how the Viseum CCTV product range can help your needs. We always encourage you to put your first installations in your most challenging and complex environments. Please contact your Viseum support team for help choosing these first installations.

Your trial would preferably be based upon a “side-by-side” comparison with one of your existing manned cameras. This will present you with the greatest benefits from the start. We can then understand how the particular site and your general infrastructure is currently managed, with operator and video wall resources. This will also give us excellent local knowledge of where and what particular activity to look for and at what times of the day or week.

To measure success criteria and hence the value of your Viseum solution, it should be trialled in isolation from any other special crime reduction initiatives although we recognize that this may not always be practicable.

Site Installation Preparations

The following information will be required so that we can understand the best trial criteria for your Viseum surveillance cameras:

  1. Events – What types of event to automatically look for and what times of the day or week to look for them.
  1. Surveillance targets – What types of people and/or vehicles to target automatically (zoom into and follow).
  1. Close-up zooming – When to automatically zoom in close, when to automatically zoom closer for high-quality identification, and to what level, and when to automatically zoom out.
  1. Control room manual override – Surveillance operator override is always immediate, and how long to wait until Viseum automation should resume after no control room activity.
  1. Multiple simultaneous events – How long to automatically closely watch each incident and when to switch to another incident if more than one event is taking place at the same time.
  1. Priority zones – Which areas under surveillance should take priority e.g. if you are targeting specific activities such as fly-tipping or illegal parking.
  1. Activities of interest – What types of activity should be automatically prioritised or automatically ignored.

Online Viseum CCTV Camera Introduction Management

To ensure your first Viseum CCTV camera installations are introduced to your organisation in the most efficient manner, secure online Internet access will be needed to allow the Viseum support services direct access to your cameras. This functionality will help the Viseum support team work directly with you, to ensure your instructions/requirements are set up on your Viseum cameras. This will also provide your team with the ability to learn how the digital management of the surveillance system could benefit your organisation further. This service can be achieved using a dedicated broadband service or through your existing office network.

Typical Command Control Trial Schedule

Week 1 – Observe Viseum system behaviour on standard surveillance profile, and familiarise with manual keyboard override.

Week 2 – Viseum modifies surveillance profile(s) to meet customer environment and local knowledge feedback, to include scheduling of profiles for different times of the day and week.

Week 3 – Your security staff collect, use and observe data on its performance.

Week 4 – You can provide Viseum with your evaluation report, which compares the performance of the Viseum system against success criteria.



Command, Control and Communications – Technology Strengths


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