The head of CCTV surveillance for this police force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable. We always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

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Viseum® Security Consultancy, CCTV Design and Test Expertise


Our security consultancy and CCTV Design services provide trusted advice and the most effective customised security solutions, to cover all areas of concern, and also the unexpected routes of attack. Criminals with intent will carefully choose their moment to breakthrough access control systems. They will outwit manned guarding patrols. And evade the many different types of “high security” standalone and surveillance operator monitored systems.

Without strong Red Team Testing (penetration testing) your security system will be completely ineffective against criminals with intent, and they will not be deterred. Viseum’s knowledge and experience help protect people, assets and business operations worldwide. We work with organisations across many industries. We will provide a comprehensive review of the security issues that need to be fixed urgently. This results in the best and most effective protective measures to mitigate risk.

Rigorous Security Consultancy Enterprise Testing, known as “Red Teaming”

A security surveillance system is only as good as its weakest point. Using Viseum’s security design expertise effectively eliminates weak points. Viseum has the necessary long and hard-learned experience to provide customers with real insight. This results with the security issues that each project requires.

Our CCTV design consultants act in the same structured way as independent red teams used by intelligence agencies and military defence experts to assess any situation by testing security scenarios. In the same way, we will identify weak points and provide the most realistic picture of security to maximise effectiveness. Our ability to analyse complex problems means we produce the right advice to solve issues. We then design the correct protective measures that will eliminate issues before they ever occur.

Best Surveillance Performancesecurity consultancy

Most other security consultants will still commonly specify PTZ camera systems for open space security monitoring, even though it is known that they need to be constantly controlled and watched if they are to deliver the results needed. What this means in reality is, as little as 1% of current monitored and unmonitored cameras deliver meaningful results.

Viseum designed security installations and video management systems take this into account. Our designs are capable of being self-monitored, self-operated and self-managed. They do not require 24/7/365 operators. Some camera installations will not need central control equipment. Our Central Intelligent Video Management System will have the least hard disk storage and transmission bandwidth requirements. Our designed security systems can also be installed plug-and-play, without the need for the often lengthy procurement and installation processes of standard technologies, these being the massive camera and cabling infrastructures.

Maximising CCTV Surveillance ROI

Viseum is unique in making Remote CCTV Monitoring a highly efficient option rather than a necessary cost. Our monitoring services are the only ones in the world that can reduce operational overheads whilst at the same time increasing operational performance. This provides our customers with at least 10 times the value, whilst halving the cost of ownership and more than doubling the return on investment. Individual savings can run into millions.

This accounts for our growing reputation as today’s future-proof security surveillance company and our expanding customer base. Our customers include major outside events organisers, including the BBC and the 2012 London Olympics, international law enforcement agencies, major police forces and a rapidly increasing number of British local authorities.

Meeting British Design Standards

Viseum produces the most effective security consultancy and the best CCTV design for the most effective security surveillance solutions that operate within the most important British standards. An example of some of these standards are ONVIF, i-LIDS and BS8418:

  • ONVIF – Open Network Video Interface Forum know internationally as “ONVIF” is a well-recognized international standard for camera streaming, storage and recording, and access control. ONVIF systems are designed to enable security solution designers and integrators to identify features supported by a product more easily, without the challenge of determining the compatibility between versions of the ONVIF specification.
  • i-LIDS – UK Home Office benchmark for video content analytics (VCA) systems, and renowned around the world. Viseum VCA software engineers produce a lot of work with and for i-LIDS-approved projects.
  • BS8418 – The code of practice for the installation and Remote CCTV Monitoring of detector-activated systems.

Viseum security consultancy and CCTV Design services are available separately or complete as a turnkey solution. They are always customised to address our customers’ security issues and provide exact solutions that match each security threat.




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