Continuous Unblinking Surveillance

A Ubiquitous CCTV Security and Surveillance Solution to an Ever-Present Threat

The modern civil and homeland security practitioner faces the same challenges that General Rupert Smith explained in his seminal work “The Utility of Force” – citing a “war among the people” as being the new norm in modern military operations. Today’s “security war among the people” takes place within a complex and challenging environment of bustling towns and cities, transport hubs, ports and national borders where the vast majority of law-abiding citizens wish and expect to go about their work and recreation in peace and security.

Those who seek to disrupt our peace and security for either criminal, ideological or misguided personal reasons, will seldom if ever broadcast their intentions in advance. It is down to security practitioners to spot known criminals as they arrive at our national borders or population/business centres – identifying potentially suspicious actions within a sea of innocent passers-by. A hellish dull but essential job. Once a security event has commenced, gaining situational awareness of exactly what is going on and who is involved (whether a bag-snatch, assault or a Navy Yard/Westgate shooting) in the scenario, is of critical importance but enormously challenging in a busy, built-up area. CCTV once thought to be a panacea for all security ills has proven woefully inadequate in these scenarios. Unless the surveillance gods are smiling on you, the chances are there are gaps in your CCTV coverage, or your operator doesn’t recognize a suspect, is distracted on the phone, or scanning elsewhere, or blinking… when a crucial event happens, or happened. Unfortunately, the impact of one low-level tactical event not correctly resolved upon public confidence and organisational reputation can be strategically significant.


Viseum security and surveillance solutions have been optimized for total situational awareness in the complex and challenging contemporary operating environment of busy towns, cities and transport hubs. No other product package comes close to generating our ubiquitous intelligent security presence.

Viseum’s aim is to prime and enhance the human response to security incidents. Truly a force-multiplier, our globally patented technology offers security practitioners a continuous 360-degree unblinking stare across any area of responsibility, without the need for hundreds of CCTV cameras and valuable monitoring staff. Our sophisticated analytics software generates a virtual security operator who is never distracted, never tired and never blinking or looking away. The virtual operator conducts, automated pan, tilt and zoom camera operation concurrent with facial recognition, pedestrian and vehicle tagging/tracking, generation of suspicious activity alerts to control room staff, as well as known areas of interest surveillance overwatch and instantaneous forensic analysis of a previously unknown perpetrator’s movements before and after an event. We can present incident commanders and the judiciary with an unbroken golden thread of video evidence about what happened and who was involved. Many have attempted to generate this intelligent analytics package, but only Viseum has succeeded. Hooligans, criminals, rogue employees and terrorists be warned.

crime5Viseum’s  world-class pedigree is well known to UK and international law-enforcement agencies and some strategic security specialists. However, thus far we have limited our sphere of operations to a niche market. However, given the significant crime and terror threats terrorist being openly discussed by our security services, I would like to announce our intention to move into the Homeland Security and international defence and security sectors. I am confident that our product and agile R&D capability will revolutionise border and public security as well as minimising the on-base risk to our deployed military.

Viseum solutions are at least 6 times more effective than its nearest competitor. I encourage you to take a look and request more details from me and my staff at