The head of CCTV surveillance for this police force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable. We always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

Viseum’s Latest CCTV Security & Surveillance Camera

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera

Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. The Viseum Brand is primarily known for solving the problems with CCTV Video Quality. All non-Viseum branded CCTV cameras cannot deliver enough CCTV Video Quality. Viseum solved this very serious problem with the internationally patented invention known as the Viseum IMC (Intelligent Moving Camera).



Another strength of the Viseum camera technology is its rapid deployment capability. Viseum Intelligent CCTV Trailers regularly protect events such as concerts and major public events. For example, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is Ireland’s main annual public event. Seventy thousand people come to celebrate this festival and watch the parade. Just 5 trailer-deployed Viseum cameras protect this event and people who watch it.