International security professionals recommend Viseum Safe City solutions delivering the world’s only all-in-one, end-to-end and integrated VMS software to optimise all new and legacy CCTV cameras, all security devices and security management processes.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

“Our Best Remote CCTV Monitoring” Police Report

World’s Best Remote CCTV Monitoring

The most advanced surveillance systems in the world working hand-in-hand with the world’s best remote Remote CCTV Monitoring. Viseum’s CCTV Software delivers the fastest and most accurate complete end-to-end CCTV security software. Viseum Remote CCTV Monitoring uniquely produces close-up video of incidents before the alarm is sent to Remote CCTV Monitoring. Incidents are reported in superior detail to be dealt with more effectively.


Remote CCTV Monitoring for Rapid Crime Clear Up

Once the security breach is confirmed and the response alarm is raised by our Remote CCTV Monitoring, you can be given information that somebody has entered your remote site. You can also be shown a detailed description of the person(s) committing the incident, where they can be located, where else they have been throughout the site and what they have been doing.


Remote Monitoring CCTV Advantages

If the suspects are apprehended during the incident – even if they were wearing hoods or any type of facial masks, the detailed forensic video information of their particular clothing (brand logos, material, etc), usually encourages a confession. Even if suspects escape the scene, this detailed Remote CCTV Monitoring video evidence is proven to help you investigate, recognize, identify and convict.


CCTV Monitoring Software - Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° CCTV Camera


Criminals with intent will carefully choose their moment to evade the many different types of “high security” standalone and surveillance operator remote CCTV monitored systems, they will break through access control systems, and outwit manned guarding patrols. NOT with Viseum’s Intelligent 360° CCTV Cameras providing constantly vigilant surveillance for the protected remote site 24/7/365.






Optimising CCTV Security Software for Better Remote CCTV Monitoring

GIS CCTV and Security Surveillance System Situational Awareness People Surveillance

This narrated example shows how the correct situational awareness can automatically avoid, the most mundane and the most complex security risks.


Perimeter Surveillance Systems

This narrated presentation shows how it is impossible for anyone to identify a weak point of a perimeter that Viseum Thermal and/or Optical Surveillance Cameras are protecting.


People Surveillance Systems Command Control and Communications

This narrated presentation shows how any organization can have the best future-proofed security for their entire enterprise, with the best future-proofed Command Control and Communications Centre, designed for and installed at any chosen location.


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