One of the largest Police Forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

End User CCTV Training Video Analytics Cameras

Viseum Cameras and locally processed Viseum iVOS advanced video analytics software

Viseum Certified Corporate End Users

CCTV Training course benefits from Viseum Licensing and Certification

Technical Training Programme Benefits

This training programme is for the Viseum IMC camera models, using the Viseum intelligent Virtual Operator Software analytics (Viseum iVOS) operating locally to the camera installation. This course takes 2 working days with each level taking 1 day to complete.

Viseum IMC and iVOS Level 1:       End User Operational CCTV Training.

Viseum IMC and iVOS Level 2:       System Administrator.

Viseum IMC Level 1: End User Operational CCTV Training

This module is designed to enable professional CCTV security staff to fully exploit the spectrum of unique capabilities that Viseum cameras and iVOS software capability offer – to automatically address each remote site’s security issues – whilst freeing up monitoring staff for other tasks. This will enable the user to swiftly optimize situational awareness and security within any given single or multiple areas of responsibility of the Viseum network.

Start state:

  • A fair knowledge of CCTV operations, or working knowledge of the security challenges within their area of responsibility.


  • To use the Viseum cameras in order to automatically generate situational awareness, heightened long-term security, surveillance and deterrence at each remote site.


By the end of this session learners will be able to:

  • Create automated site surveillance rules for risk management, suspect target allocation, and prioritization, for each remote site.
  • Operate Viseum cameras in their live proactive operational mode to deal with automatically detected security threats.
  • Operate Viseum cameras in decision support of security patrols and first responders, with situational awareness and initiative in order to act either prior to, or subsequent to, an offence.
  • Operate Viseum cameras in their passive standalone operational mode and deal with evidence recovery.

A typical example of industry-standard security process without the use of Viseum cameras:

1) A suspected breach to a perimeter is automatically detected by a PIDS device and automatically alarmed to the security control room.

2) A security operator first identifies the “section” of the perimeter where the potential breach took place.

3) The security operator then spends valuable time:

  1. Locating and accessing the nearest PTZ Camera.
  2. Controlling this PTZ Camera to monitor the section of the perimeter in order to:
    1. Look around the area for the suspect.
    2. Confirm if the incident should be dealt with further.

Heightened security and performance training with the use of Viseum cameras:

This CCTV training module will cover how all of these actions are processed automatically by the Viseum camera system, so that the security operator is fully primed with the complete Ground Truth for the correct immediate response.

Viseum IMC Level 2: System Administrator

This module allows the system administrator to fully exploit and optimize Viseum’s unique camera and iVOS software capabilities within their security hierarchy. For any given security area of responsibility, the number of Viseum cameras required will always be far fewer and more widely dispersed than for any other system. In addition to this, due to the unrivalled capacity of the Viseum cameras, these cameras will be providing security and monitoring capability for numerous additional agencies. Therefore this module is designed to train a System Administrator to optimize the network design, configure and manage the Viseum cameras in automated support of operator staff whilst meeting the multiple requirements, and optionally prioritize access levels of the various additional stakeholders of each Viseum camera installation.

Start state:

  • Current knowledge in configuring and managing IT systems and conventional IP camera networks – a seasoned professional security staff and resources manager.


  • Manage the best practice implementation and use of Viseum cameras and iVOS system.


By the end of this session learners will be able to:

  • Understand and exploit the unique aspects of the Viseum camera and iVOS operating software.
  • Design a Viseum camera network and designation of appropriate automated monitoring mode for each remote site.
  • Manage the overseeing of installation maintenance – 1st line fault diagnosis and reporting.

Typical examples of network design improvements:

1) The Viseum camera is installed plug-and-play without the need for the otherwise lengthy procurement and installation processes of standard technologies, requiring the considerable camera and cabling infrastructures.

2) Due to the automated Viseum camera and iVOS operating locally to the camera installation, many remote sites will no longer require costly high bandwidth communications to the central control. This means for example; costly fibre connections can be replaced to benefit from lower bandwidth wireless 3G/4G connections.

Typical examples of performance improvements:

1) This new automated surveillance capability significantly changes how much time each remote site requires proactive camera control and viewing attention, and how many remote sites will now benefit from reactive surveillance.

2) This new performance will show greater operational savings with improved key performance indicators.


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