The head of CCTV surveillance for this police force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable. We always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

CCTV Training London

Viseum Certified CCTV Training from London

Problems with CCTV Training and Support:

  • Software and CCTV Camera compatibility and in-life maintenance between the many different software systems and cameras used in a command control, need cross-company collaboration to resolve.
  • Technical and Operational training and support for security staff need to be provided separately by each software and camera vendor.

Viseum technology and CCTV support strengths - London trainingThe Solution for CCTV Training and Support:


  • Viseum UK delivers the world’s only all-in-one, end-to-end and integrated software systems. It optimizes all new and existing legacy cameras. All security devices and security management processes.

CCTV Training Attendees

The number of people attending our CCTV Training will depend on our initial research for delivering project success. We will need to understand the operational processes, staff working hours/shift patterns, and existing skillsets. The number of people to be trained is not restricted. The training results will ensure the project is optimized.

World’s Most Experienced CCTV Accreditation

The modern security practitioner recognizes that Viseum represents a paradigm shift in security, surveillance and video analytics capability. Viseum’s training standards ensure its centre of excellence in London, is mirrored throughout the world. This training package is designed to educate experienced professionals in the unique benefits for their new Viseum careers.

This training package is designed for our certified partners’ training and distribution activities. This is to support the growth of the Viseum network within their own region. This package has been designed using an intellectually rigorous methodology to identify measurable objectives. Trainees are expected to be instructed and tested in a professional manner. On completion of the course and passing of performance goals, the trainee will be certified and accredited.

Viseum UK will evaluate external training delivery and the performance of certified distributors and integrators. Should this performance fall below the standards expected, Viseum reserves the right to insist upon remedial training or process rectification.


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Security Processes and CCTV Training Overview

Our London CCTV operator training helps security enterprises deliver stronger operational security with far fewer operators than any other technical solution. Security staff and emergency services have instantaneous situational awareness and decision support. The judiciary can be furnished with a continuous, unbroken and irrefutable thread of video evidence. Our holistically integrated surveillance systems outperform any other crime reduction initiatives. We deliver the strongest possible deterrent and the most effective video surveillance cameras. Protecting assets, property, staff and customers of any size public or commercial activity.

Viseum’s formal training is usually included with all major project deliveries (600+ cameras).



Customised CCTV Accreditation Training Courses

Viseum CiVMS iVOS

  • F3 – Person Tracking.
  • FaceRec – Person ID Confirmation.
  • ANPR – Automated Vehicle Number Plate Recognition.

The large number of uses of Viseum’s iVOS F3 functionality, operating with iVOS FaceRec and/or iVOS ANPR, make it impractical to provide a full training package for each application. These training packages are customised for each end user’s security project requirements. Technical support manuals are tailored to suit each partner’s technical knowledge and desired capabilities.

CCTV Accreditation Training Results

Viseum Certified CCTV Training will deliver the most advanced surveillance capability. With leading remote CCTV monitoring software, this will produce the fastest and most accurate complete end-to-end security service. Viseum’s intelligent cameras provide constantly vigilant surveillance for the protected remote site 24/7/365. They uniquely produce close-up video of the incident. Reported with enough detail for response in the most efficient way.

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